Monday, December 19, 2011

Thank You Notes

There are many reasons to be joyful and happy this holiday season.  Unfortunately, there are just as many reasons to be annoyed and irritated.  If you will allow me my own blog space to rant a bit, I have a few things to say.  And in a blatant rip-off from the amazing Jimmy Fallon, I will air my ill wills in the form of Thank You Notes.  So, stand by for a fairly complete list of my gripes and post if you have one I haven't mentioned.  I'm sure you will!

Thank you..........stores that no longer give you a gift box.  You make finding a receptacle for a ginormous gift almost impossible.

Thank you.......guy in front of me in the parking aisle so dead-set on getting the parking space CLOSEST to the Target that you back up the parking line clear out to the street.

Thank you.......owner of a Hummer who thoughtlessly parked next to me in the COMPACT-marked spot and does it so closely that I had to get in my own car through the back hatchback.

Thank you.....employer for not understanding that Christmas Eve and Day are the be-all and end-all for children my kid's age and making me work anyway, EVEN THOUGH I requested the time off.

Thank you.....poultry sellers for manufacturing turkeys that just barely fit in my oven and DON'T fit in my freezer.

Thank you......commercials on the Cartoon Network that whips my child into a manic frenzy with just the mention of a toy with an Asian name that I cannot pronounce.

Also, Thank you.......television show schedulers who put a Christmas cartoon on JUST AFTER my children's evening bedtime.  That's always a fun bedtime thanks to you.

Thank you.....string of Christmas tree lights that lurked in the garage for a year and waited until decorating night to reveal that ONE BULB is out and affecting the entire string.  Also a fun time with husband.

Thank you........Christmas recipes that all call for All-Spice when it is the first spice the store runs out of.

And Thank stores who stack the "holiday-baking center" so close to the front door, that I walk into it two steps over the threshold.

Thank you.......Christmas tree-topping star that refuses to stay on the top of the tree, forcing Daddy to ram it on with a very un-Christmas-like maneuver.

Thank shopping site that takes me twenty minutes to fill out the address and charge information and THEN tells me the item is out of stock.

And finally....Thank you overnight delivery company who jack the holiday delivery rates so high it would almost be cheaper for me to fly to the destination and hand-deliver the item.

I appreciate you allowing me to get some things off my chest.  As I mentioned before, I'm sure you have some equally important Thank You notes to send yourself.  Get to writing, people......I'm dying to know what I missed!


  1. Okay, just remember the guy with the suv is likely compensating for something while your compact car is merely truthfully advertising the complement to what he's compensating for. No one ever REALLY needs allspice. Get an angel next year-it won't stay on any better but video of the hubster jamming it on the tree could make the top 10 at you tube. That turkey that fits nothing? It's probably contaminated with salmonella. And no ginormous gift box? That's what trash bags are for. Just insert the gift and spray paint pretty designs on the bag, tie the handle ties into a pretty red bow and no one will care. The on line company probably has a rep named Peggy and it takes so long to fill out the form because he's using a pencil to copy the info for nefarious purposes. And so on and so on...but have a happy holiday!

  2. Kate: you are the peanut butter to my jelly! I love my editor. She always manages to validate me in some manner. Love you, love you, love you!

  3. What a humorous yet eloquent way of voicing your frustrations! Love it. Hope things calm down for you soon.

  4. Oh Samantha~

    Not even sure what to say, lol, but hopefully getting it out made you feel better... :D Awesome stuff, and I LUV Kay's post!

    Merry Christmas!