Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Finding Reviews I Didn't Know About....Like Christmas!

So my night job keeps me very busy either working (or sleeping!) and I feel like I miss so much on Facebook and my other social-networking sites.  I started searching around today and found I was right!  So here are some recent reviews I just found.  Once again, blessed be the Blogger! Spellbound by Samantha Combs

Title- Spellbound
Author- Samantha Combs
Released- 13th June 2011
Publisher- Astraea Press
Genre- YA, Paranormal/Fantasy

Review- What a fast paced, energetic, fun read. Combs captured my attention from the first paragraph. Her intense attention to detail is extraordinary. What I loved most about the book was how Combs did the chapters from different characters perspectives, I got to see all points of view of the story which I really enjoyed. Combs had a lot happening in such a short period of time but she managed to keep the story flowing without making it seem rushed. The relationships that formed in Spellbound were in themselves fast paced. I think Combs was spot on with how intense and full on teenage relationships can be, especially in the relationships between Logan and Serena and Dave and Tamera. The paranormal side of Spellbound was really fascinating. Witches, Shapeshifting Demons and Trolls made for one exciting battle between good and evil.
There isn't really much more to say about Spellbound without giving too much away. So I will leave you with a strong recommendation to giveSpellbound a read. It will be well worth it.
To purchase your copy of Spellbound head to AMAZON
And check out Samantha's blog too
http://www.samanthacombswrites.blogspot..comiveSpellbound a read. It will be well worth it.
To purchase your copy of Spellbound head to 
And check out Samantha's blog too 
's review
Oct 12, 11

5 of 5 stars
Read from September 29 to October 10, 2011

Magic, witches, warlocks, and demons galore - this book has it all. Samantha Combs has done a beautiful job in spinning many elements of the paranormal with a good dose of fantasy. Not to mention the hot and heavy romance growing between Serena Starr and Logan Daniels with every turn of the page.

Logan has always led a comfortable life, while taking care of his mother and sister ever since his father's demise so long ago. He's surrounded himself with the best of friends and is practically the star of the school's baseball team. While things have not always been in his favor, he's done his best to make the most of what he's had. Yet he's never imagined that meeting the girl of his dreams would turn his life so upside-down.

Serena is every bit as beautiful - blonde, green eyes, and quite special, she's everything that Logan could ever want in a woman. Yet he has no idea of the secrets that she hides inside. You see, Serena is a witch. So are her sisters. Little does Logan know, the sisters are there for a reason - one that seems so unfathomable to him.

When dark forces invade the city, Logan comes to realize that Serena is far from being just an ordinary girl. She's a witch, one who's captured his heart completely. One whom he'll do his damnedest to protect, no matter the cost.

Unable to accept that there are others hunting his beloved, Logan knows that he'll need to accept her for who, and what she is, in order to help her, and her family, with what's to come. As they band together in hopes of taking down the evil that stretches across the town, Logan starts to learn just how special he and Serena really are.

Accepting everything that has come to pass is hard, at first, but he follows his instincts and gives in to what he's known all along. Come what may, they're there for one another in every way possible.

Strength comes in the oddest of ways, yet it's the bonds that have been formed that will allow them to overcome the obstacles that have been thrown their way. For love and friendship will make their ordeals bearable as they battle against those intent on taking away what they love the most

Thanks for reading everyone.  Don't you think the new paperback version of Spellbound would make a nifty Christmas present?  Me too!  Follow this buy link and thanks for supporting this indie author:

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