"With witches who fly on broom sticks, have the gift of site, transform, and so much more. I would describe it as a Harry Potter for the modern, edgier teen."

"...Spellbound will take you into a world of witches and demons, that leaves you wanting more about the characters. Logan and Serena, are a match made in heaven, and love how their story comes together. I cannot wait for the sequel!!!"

"...Pick up the book for your young adult at home I'm sure it's a series they might actually cling to and get them to read once more. Especially when someone who thinks they are ordinary becomes extraordinary."

"...Samantha is unique in the fact that even though her book is written in first person, each character tells their own part of the story. That sounds like it might get confusing, but amazingly, it doesn't, as it's always clear who is telling the story at any given time, and the story flows from person to person as effortlessly as it would if the story were being told in third person. Each character is amazingly adept at describing their feelings, emotions, and reactions to the events surrounding them, and it makes the storytelling much more personal and real to the reader."

"...I had to literally try to remember how being in love felt at that age by taking my mind at least 15 years back I could somehow remember the overly effusive declarations and the "if I don't see him tomorrow i'll be miserable for the rest of my life" feelings. This book is an deal stocking filler for a teenager and for the the young at heart who enjoy YA Romantic Fantasy."


"...Samantha Combs continues in her style of never failing to surprise and bewilder her readers. The plot twists and turns are as fulfilling, if not more so, as they were in Spellbound.
I fell in love with these characters in the first book and I had hoped for more of them. This reviewer is very excited that Samantha made my wish come true.
Samantha has developed all of her characters and moved the story forward. This is the second in a series but can also stand alone."

"....*As a YA book, it was so refreshing to not have it filled with the sexual content so many YA books have been including lately. There was definitely a lot of romance, but without pushing the envelop on how they expressed it physically."

"...I loved the development of Serena and Logan's characters, as well as the return of a lot of characters I liked from the first book." 


"...You wouldn't think that 120 pages could have a a good story but this one is. It has the love story you come to expect and the happy ending for everyone aswell. And even though I do get frustrated and annoyed when there is alot of love interests for the characters it did pull together nicely because in the end you needed all those characters for the story to work."

"...This is a good YA book about male/female relationships without sex, drugs and violence. Juice is faced with having 3 boys like her at one time. The girl, who has never had a boyfriend is her life enjoys the popularity but quickly realizes that she must make a decision and she doesn't want to hurt anyone feelings. Does she chose the boy at the concert, her male best friend or the ghost who needs a host body to walk among the living again? Her life "is starting to feel like a cheesy afterschool TV show except for the part about my friend who's a ghost!" I enjoyed following Juice and her close friends as they lead me on their adventures and the ending was not what I expected. The relationships in the book were very realistic (except for the ghost)and I thought the choice of characters was fantastic. A great book."

"...Shane the ghost is an absolute heartthrob! I adore books with ghosts and this one certainly didn't let me down. This is a feel good book. If your looking for a true love YA Book then this is the one for you."

"...Ghostly, is about love and friendhsip, the boundaries it doesnt hold to. This was something I hadn't ever read before and it was refreshing. It was something new to the eyes and I loved it!!!"
It's just precious. Now, it's a YA paranormal (kinda) romance, but I would definitely say it's great for younger, young adults. I think the early teenage years will fit perfect into this reading frame... with that said, I'm in my later 20's and still loved it. It's great, clean, fresh, wholesome fun."

TEETH and TALONS, A Horror Anthology

"...I have been following Samantha for awhile now and have read both her Spellbound and new release, Everspell. This anthology was an experiment that I think was a major success. Each story more captivating than the next. I am sure it is very hard to write a short story and make it interesting and enjoyable in it's format. Each of these stories were different from each other, one as compelling as the next. Count Down Robbery was my favorite. Very short, captivating, with a surprise ending. I'm a sucker for a surprise ending!
I think that Ms. Combs is on her way to being a distinguished author. I personally await her next piece with anticipation, knowing it will be time well spent."

"...This girl can write people.
I have seldom come across an author with her talent for economizing language without compromising on the story line. The horror aspect dawns on the reader with time. As the stories keep playing off in my head I realize that I should be wary as well as to what I accept as being a truth........"

"...I give this anthology a 6 out of 5 rating."

"...Four stories that are distinct and written with an edge of distrubing darkness. What I enjoy about reading Samantha's stories are that she creates the stories, but then she leaves the story open for the reader to insert their own thoughts and ideas."


"The detention demon was amazing, had lots of humor. I would recommend this book to for anyone to read. It gave me some chills and I couldn't stop reading...."

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