Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Detention Demon is going to press!

If you follow my blog, or you know me from my facebook or twitter profile, you have no doubt heard about the mess over at Aspen Mountain Press.  This is the publishing company that imploded after the very professional and together senior staff walked, en masse, due to fraud and financial inconsistencies they uncovered.

Those amazing women, we refer to as The Fab Four, formed the ground-breaking and industry-defining Musa Publishing House.  I was thrilled to submit an edgy YA paranormal to them that they have accepted and scheduled for a Sept 2012 release, my newest entitled Waterdancer.

Now I get to make an even more exciting announcement.

Today, I signed a second contract with Musa for my much-delayed Middle Grade horror treatment, The Detention Demon.  Because I delivered a fully-edited copy (edited by a staff member that they took with them to Musa), they are scheduling a February 10, 2012 release.  All it needs are line edits and a new cover.

I am thrilled all over again.  I am over the moon to be called a Musa Author, and now I get to do it twice.  I have many other edgy fantasy and horror manuscripts and they will see those as well.

But my book's freedom isn't the best part of this story, (although it seriously rocks!).  The best part is that as of midnight December 17th, every single other author with intellectual property rights still trapped at AMP became free as well.

All I can say is heed this warning:  there are some incredibly well-written, suspenseful, mysterious, supernatural, and yes, super-sexy, books about to be released on the world.  Merry Christmas to you!

Please look for these talented and creative authors coming to a bookstore or a kindle near you:  Barbara Custer, Dominique Eastwick, Andie Dunn, Mark Covington, Aline de Chevigny, Sloane Taylor, Juventino Australe, Wendy Soliman, Celina Summers, Collette Thomas, Melissa Aires, Esther Mitchell, Charles Wellston, Nya Rayne, Maura Anderson, Marguerite Butler, Dallyce Bright, Clare London, Ingrid Darzins, Celia Kyle, Regan Taylor, and I'm sure many others I don't even know about.

For these authors, the story is not ended.  They, collectively, are owed thousands in unpaid royalties by Aspen Mountain Press generally, and Sandra Hicks specifically.  You perhaps cannot pay everything they are owed, but you can do this:  Buy their books. Follow their blogs and twitters.  Friend them on facebook.  Make them known, as they deserve to be.  And look for many of them at Musa Publishing.  If I see you there, I'll wave.

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