Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Guest Blog Post Schedule So Far

I have been thrilled with the response I've received from my friends/authors/writers regarding this guest post series I've started.  The first three posts, even including mine, have been very well-received, and the ones I have in my possession that you haven't seen yet are nothing short of heartbreaking and inspirational.  I have been bowled over by the personal journeys of these wonderful people and so touched that they are willing to share them with me and with you, here, on my blog.  I wanted to give you an idea of the major talent you can expect in the coming days.  Check out this lineup:

Mon, Sept 5     Crystal Cattabriga, author of Shattered Into Pieces
Tues, Sept 6     Rhiannon Paille, author of Flame and Surrender
Weds, Sept 7   Scott Prussing, author of Breathless and the soon-to-be-released, Deathless
Thurs, Sept 8   Gracen Miller, author of Pandora's Box in the Road to Hell series
Fri, Sept 9,      Kay Springsteen, author of Heartsight, and the upcoming, Heartsent

Then the week after that, we have

Mon, Sept 12    Lindsay Downs, author of Emily Dahill, CID
Tues, Sept 13    Dominique Eastwick, author of Strawberry Kisses, among others
Weds, Sept 14  Joselyn Vaughn, author of Sucker for a Hot Rod
Thurs, Sept 15   Rue Volley, author of the Blood and Light series (6 books in all!)
Fri, Sept 16th    Jason McIntyre, author of Road Markers and a brand new title he'll be unveiling to us!

I am so beyond excited for you to read these guest posts, I have to check every day to see whose turn it is!  And I am receiving new responses every day.  I have another week's worth of posts to receive and schedule yet and new authors approach me all the time.  This experiment has turned into such a success and I, personally, am receiving such encouragement from authors whose opinion I practically REVERE.  I hope you are too.  So, seriously, stay tuned.  Where else am I ever going to rub elbows with this much potential star power????

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