Sunday, July 3, 2011

Tweeting Benefits

I now have seen the light.  Today, one day after I started using Twitter, I have gone up 20% in my ranking on Amazon.  Now, I am no math whiz, so I called my father-in-law to do this math for me.  Here's the skinny:  yesterday, I ranked #240,580 paid in kindle store on SPELLBOUND.  This is before I went to dinner with the family for my husband's birthday which was on June 30th.  I wanted to tell my F in law.  Then I looked it up today to see if I dropped, which I had the day before yesterday, from #239 something.  It said that today, paid in kindle store ranking is....wait for it.......#78,860!    WHAT!  WHAT?  WHAT!

So I called my father in law 4 seconds later and demanded he do the math.  Apparently, this means I am in the top 11%.  WHAT!!!!!   In a day?  Only thing I am doing different, besides asking for reviews from my fave bloggers (none in yet, exercising patience, not my best trait), is I joined Twitter.  And am tweeting.  So, now count me as a breathless, drooling, faithful true believer.  I don't know if ANYONE ever reads this blog, but there has to now be irrefutable proof that SOMEONE is reading my tweets.  (Welcome to my world, GeeCarl...loved your talk on humor at the LA Writers Convention last September.  Read every one of your columns!)  So, hope all bear with me while I get the hang of the tweeting thing.  COUNT ME AS A TRUE CONVERT!  And thank you, every one of you who did buy Spellbound.  I wrote it for you, I wrote it for your daughters, I wrote it for everyone who has ever read a whole book on a delicious uninterrupted weekend day when they could read a whole book beginning to end because at the end of the day, the written word is like gets you high!

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