Monday, July 4, 2011

Top Ten Reasons to Buy and Read SPELLBOUND!

10.  With the heat level being "sweet" you can buy this for your 14 year old or a 140 year old and both will enjoy it equally!
9.  You know you need something to tide you over before the next Twilight comes out!
8.  A book full of kick-butt witches?  Do I need to go on?
7.  If the hero is named Logan, you know he'd be hot in the movie, right?
6. With SPELLBOUND moving up in the Amazon rankings so rapidly, you'll be the first of your friends to have the next cool book!
5.  Summer jobs don't pay that much....$6.99 is cheaper than a ds game or a DVD!
4  SPELLBOUND in ebook form is GREEN and saves the tree died for its creation!
3.  You can get it all over the place:, and Barnes and Noble, among a slew of others, (email me if you need more)
2.  It's a pretty great story! (seriously, all prejudice aside)

And the number one reason to buy and read SPELLBOUND...............wait for it.........

1.  Of course, I wrote a sequel!  (I did mean wait for it.  I am about 2 weeks away from finishing it.  And I don't want to give it away, but MAN, IS IT GOOD!)


  1. Okay, dumb question time. Is Spellbound available in bookstores or simply online? I'm interested in reading it and want to know if I should add it to my Borders list :)

  2. Sorry for my delay in responding....and its not a dumb question! Right now its available in digital format only. I'll be screaming from rooftops when it comes out in print, but for now I can only offer you an ebook or a pdf copy for your computer, iphone or ipad.