Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Anthony Verdict Makes Me Happy My Kids Are Home

Because of my unemployment, my husband and I have had to make a hard decision to take our youngest out of daycare for the remainder of the summer.  Since my son is out of school for the summer, I now have the pair of them home with me now.  Normally, they would be driving me to drink, both underfoot, running around, yanking my laptop cord out and wrangling like two cats in a garret.  That was before the verdict was announced a half hour ago in the Casey Anthony murder case of her two year old.

I am stunned.  There are no words to explain my shock over a Not Guilty verdict.

That sweet, tender little angel was killed, dumped in a shallow dirt grave and no one has to answer for it.  I excused myself for a few minutes and went in the bathroom to cry.  I tidied myself up, then went in the kitchen, hugged my kids and let them eat brownies for lunch.  They aren't bothering me today.  Enough said.

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