Thursday, July 7, 2011

I Will Now Eat The Humble Pie!

Please pass the damn fork!  I am willing now to admit that Face Book is all it is purported to be and more.  Today, I joined two groups for authors, YA Writers Unite and Author Exchange.  In just one day and really, in less than five hours, my blog traffic has doubled.  Now, granted that truly means I went from 11 followers to 22, but I am in insurance finance so lets look at that my way.  That means I have made a 200% increase!  Woo-hoo.  That's some government accounting for ya!

So, I will now take my gigantic helping of crow, thank you very much.  The best thing is, I have read the most fun, entertaining and wonderfully written blog posts today.  Not only did I get some bitchin' new friends, I got friends that can write.  How can that be wrong?????


  1. Ok so HOW MANY YEARS did I beg you?

  2. What-ev! When your best friend says it, you only think its because she wants another way to pester you. I ate the humble pie didn't I....LOL!