Saturday, July 9, 2011

Happy Day! Reviews Might Be Happening Soon!

So, I may not have understood how this whole shootin' match worked BEFORE I released Spellbound, but I think I am finally getting the hang of it.  I realize the optimal thing to do would have been to get all your reviews in before the book is released and them bang, zoom, they line up for miles to buy it.  Did I do it that  What-ev.   But I am having a freakin' blast learning how NOT to do it the next time.  I am meeting some of the best people on Facebook and have the time of my life.  Hard to understand how I am not sitting in a bar sipping on a cocktail, because sometimes I am laughing clean out loud at some of the hilarious posts as answers.  I'll say it again......THIS IS FUN!

So, the business behind the bustin' up......I am asking my new friends if they might mind reviewing Spellbound, and to my great surprise, they are not only willing to, some are even excited to do it.  I have to say that I am experiencing a sense of excitement and even trepidation akin to the one I felt when I was accepted for publication.  What will I feel when I get the first review in?  I'm more than a little nervous.  For now, the jury is still out.  I'll check back about it soon.  For all my new friends and followers, I can only say.....stay tuned!

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