Monday, July 11, 2011

The Detention Demon will be Published!

I am excited to share that The Detention Demon is going to be published!  Remember that I submitted the manuscript to a brand new imprint of Aspen Mountain Press called Aura Speculative Fiction after I asked them to friend me on Facebook?  I had been looking for a home for my little horror book for a while, I didn't think it was because it was not good, I hoped anyway, but because Middle Grade horror is very hard to place.  When I read about the new imprint I got quite excited.  They sounded perfect.  I asked them straight away if they were considering YA and for that matter, MG to YA and they said they would, on a case by case basis.  I queried immediately.

I was mildly surprised when they asked me for the full and totally had my socks knocked off when they offered me a contract this morning.  And I must say, I am more than impressed with how together and organized they are.  Already, I have been directed to a WIP website where I have registered as an author, have been assigned an editor and uploaded the information I would like to see on the cover, and had SEVERAL conversations with an art director in preparation for assigning an artist to me AND I already have a release date.....October 24, 2011....PERFECT FOR A HORROR BOOK!  Just a few days before Halloween.  And I didn't even plan it!

So, all I have to say is, if you are looking for a publisher that has it going on, I would so check out Aspen Mountain Press and their new imprint!  And look for me soon near Halloween!

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