Friday, May 6, 2011

Release Date for SPELLBOUND

Hello, just a quickie today.  I received word from my publisher, Astraea Press, that barring any unforeseen circumstances, SPELLBOUND has a tentative release date of June 7, 2011.  I will post as soon as the book is ready for purchase and review.  I am tremendously excited, it should go without saying.  Also, this is impressive from my publisher, since they are located in Alabama and weathered the recent storms and flooding that swept through five southern states, Alabama being one of them.  They came through it okay, but many of their neighbors did not.  Good thoughts to all.

I hope SPELLBOUND is enjoyed and I am hard at work on the sequel, a work in progress I am calling SPELLBOUND, BOOK TWO: UNEARTHED.  If you enjoy the first one, you'll love the second!  I hope to finish it within a months time and am hopeful Astraea will want it as much as they wanted the first!  Fingers crossed!

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