Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day wishes

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day.  I did.  My children are at the age when they can pick out the cards now and my son was so excited for me to read the one he and his sister picked it.  it was humorous and had a cuss word in it and he was nearly delirious with joy when I opened it.  Worth all the money in the world to watch him dying when I busted up with laughter.  I thought it was great when they were toddlers but I am absolutely loving this age.  it's like I have these two little friends living in the house with me, sharing sodas and watching Glee together.  My son is even writing and reading, to my great joy.

I don't have a job yet but the calls are starting to come in and the prospects look rosier than last week and waaaay better than the week before that.  I feel better.  It's life-affirming to be wanted, in a weird way, even by strangers.

I'm healing from the surgery too.  Only hurts when I bend, and sit in hard-back chairs.  And I should get an unemployment check at the end of the week.  First one.  And not a moment too soon, may I say.  So, things are not too bad right now.  Today is a good day.  And it's early yet.

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