Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Another Celebrity Book

So, I am sitting here watching American Idol with my kids and they announce that one of the judges, Steven Tyler, from the band Aerosmith, has just hit the bestseller list with his recently published memoir.  ANOTHER person who is published and making the millions I am sure I am supposed to be making.  Although, I give him some credit here because he has published a book I actually want to read.  Not like Snooki's magnus opus about balling boys on South Jersey beaches and the like from the host of instant celebrities shoved down our throats these days.  Anyways.....

My publisher says I should be receiving proofs of the book cover shortly.  I am very anxious to see what the concept came out to look like.  I was included in the concept insofar as what I wanted to have on the cover, such as my ideas and such, but the actual application of the ideas is happily left up to the brilliance of a graphic artist.  So, I am anxious.

And still unemployed.  I am trying not to get too down about it, but some days it gets to me.  I mean, I know I am fantastic, how can they not?   But, I digress.  Stay tuned for cover art!

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