Thursday, May 26, 2011

Maybe I Don't Hate Facebook So Much

I don't think I'll ever love Facebook like some friends I know who do that farmville thing for way to many hours in the day, but maybe I don't hate it as much as before.  i still resent having to do it, but I will admit, I am understanding the appeal.  It is sort of neat to have friends from everywhere.  I mean, its only two days after I joined and somehow I already have 20 friends.  I have to thank a fellow author on Astraea Press, Crystal Ward, who was lovely to me.  I still am bumping around on there like a blind person and have no idea what I am doing, but she gave me some help.  And I am indebted to the marketing guru at Astraea for guiding me through the initial process of making my first page in the first place.  I am truly like a newborn baby learning to breathe on my own.  Thank you girls!

It is fun to learn about all my fellow authors at the publisher.  We all come from different places and have different backgrounds, but we have the one thing in common: we write.  And a really fun thing, one of my favorite authors, Sarah Dessen, just happened to me the featured interview in my copy of Writers Digest which came in the mail this week.  Besides my unemployment check (which has NOT arrived - pant, pant) this was the coolest thing to come in the mail in a long while.  Waay to many bills in that damn box recently.

The most amazing thing she said is that she didn't quit her day job until she had been publishing books for 9 years.  I'm sorry, excuse me, did you say nine years?  I thought so.  Pardon me for a moment while I freak out.  NINE YEARS!  That blew me whole three year plan.  I'm supposed to publish this first one, get super known, follow up with book two and three, get super duper well known, go mainstream with book four and at the end of year three, begin year four with a house I PAID CASH FOR, and start the year by writing full time for a living.  That's a three-year plan, not a NINE YEAR ONE!  *Insert dismayed look here.*  Look, I'm not looking for a Twilight kind of thing, but I really thought the 3-year plan was reasonable.  And stubbornly, I'm going to stick with it.  (Please don't keep these blogs longer than 2 years.  Thank you, whatever, move on.)

So, if anyone ever reads these blogs, do me a favor, go to my author fan page and my facebook page and friend me or like me or lick me or whatever you have to do to make me think the whole facebook thing wasnt just a huge timesuck.  And, thanks.  (shows all her teeth).

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