Saturday, May 28, 2011

Are all Writers Psychotic Like Me?

I was talking to a writer friend of mine last night and we got to the topic of our books. (Shocker, right?)  She was talking about how she never envisioned her 4 book series being a 4 book series in the beginning, but her main character just wouldn't shut up.  I totally understood.  I told her how when I sat down to write, I never outline.  In fact, I never know what I might write, except for the most vaguest of ideas, and when I come to three hours later, the story line is NOWHERE near where I thought it would go.  My characters take over and lead the story where THEY want it to go and all of a sudden there is a new character, a plot, a story arc I had no conscious knowledge of when I sat down three hours earlier.

She understood me completely and did not try to have me immediately and on the spot committed against my will.

It got me wondering....are all writers slightly psychotic?

I often feel that I have alters, individual beings that live inside of me that take me over as I write a la Tara from the United States of Tara.  If anyone ever read these posts I would love to take a survey if that happened to anyone else.  I am going to see if my new alleged "friends" on facebook might not wander over and take this challenge and answer me.  Lets see how effective facebook really is.  Standby, people.  The koolaid test is being administered.  Sip slowly.

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  1. Being the psychotic friend you chatted with last night, of course I agree :) All writers have to be a little loopy and certifiable. If they weren't, how would they be able to write such amazing and imaginative words? To me, losing sleep, carpal tunnel, and neck cramps from staring at the screen for so long are endearing perks. <-- See, psychotic. :)