Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Finally joined Facebook

I have been against doing this for forever, but my publisher's marketing guru recommended that joining Facebook was a great thing to do before my book comes out.  And today is exactly two weeks from now when SPELLBOUND debuts.  So, I bit the bullet and did it.  I made what she called and author fan page.  It took me forever because I have absolutely NO IDEA what I was doing, but I have a page on Facebook now.  I swore I never would and now, please pass the ketchup, because I have to eat my words.

I refuse to post pictures.  I have friends who do this, literally, for several hours a day.  Like this could actually be a second job for them.  I just finished making the stupid page and I am so mad how long it took.  I barely got it going and family found me and kept trying to friend me.  I didn't even know that could be a verb.  And how behind in this I am is that I am sure that is a super old joke.

I used the cover art for my book as my profile picture.  Part of me thinks that is cheating and the other part of me thinks that is a friggin' brilliant idea.  Then another part of me (I come in thirds, apparently) thinks if I thought of it, someone else probably already did.  So, I want to research FB and see if someone already did.  Except I don't know jack about navigating the stupid site, so I can't.  Then I'm mad again.  I spent a lot of tonight mad.  In fact I'm even typing pretty hard right now.

Choppy and displaced segue:  TV show I'm watching right now that makes me mad every time an episode ends (which is one of it's marketing campaigns and is SO TRUE) is The Killing on AMC.  Taut, gripping, exceptionally cast and acted, I salivate at ten minutes till 7 every Sunday night.  Do. Not. Miss. It.  Very good advice.

Too mad and tired from posting on stupid Facebook to write anymore.  Good night.

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