Friday, May 20, 2011


My book is coming out in less than two weeks, so Doubt has entered the picture, right on time.  Here are my worries:  First, I am worried that it won't sell.  It's not like I'm hanging all my hopes on it.  I'm still unemployed and sales would be nice, but at the point, I am not even counting the book as part of any income at all.  But my great fear is that after friends and family I have strong armed and guilted into buying at least 1-3 copies get in there, then there won't be any sales after.  I suppose what I am afraid to say, is I am afraid of failing.

I read all the time on my blogs and Linked In account groups about people who self-published and their books are just sitting there doing nothing, no sales, no nothing.  Now, I know I am different in a number of respects. 

First off, I did not self-publish.  I have a publisher, the wonderful Astraea Press.  And second of all , those authors probably didn't market like crazy as I intend to.  With the backing of my great publishing house and how madly I intend to work, I don't really believe I'll fail, but I can't help the Dreads from creeping in.  It must be a little bit because I'm unemployed and all that goes along with that when you are used to working for a living.  My friend keeps telling me to get used to it, that when I finally realize I should be writing for a living and that that is work, I'll finally realize I'm not really unemployed.  Hmmmmm?????

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