Monday, May 16, 2011

On A Roll

It's true what they say about the muse.  Sometimes she sits dormant and sometimes she strikes with a vengeance.  Following my surgery, I was feeling down and not at all like writing.  I feared I would never get the urge to write again.  In fact, I was really beginning to worry that I was slipping into the dreaded 'slump' I have read so much about happening to other writers.  I didn't want to slide into that black hole.

And then it happened.  I wasn't feeling fantastic this weekend.  But, I got my muse back.  It wasn't like a page ripped from the Whistle While You Work page, wood creatures didn't bound into my house and scamper around with stationary or anything, but my muse did indeed return.  And I'll tell you what......she returned all fierce-like.  I started writing Saturday afternoon and with only mildly annoying interruptions (to feed myself and my family, to play several teeth-gnashing rounds of Go-Fish with a five-year old and a deck with half the cards missing, to search the house for a Barbie Fashion Fever DVD, and to find a Star Wars figurine for an 8-year old) I wrote through that day and most of Sunday until well past midnight both nights.

When I started I had no idea where the story arc was going and when I finished I can barely get the words on the screen fast enough.  The storyline is tumbling out of my fingers and head so fast I can't keep up.  Even more amazingly, I am writing two books at once.  One is the sequel to SPELLBOUND I had been temporarily log jammed on (not anymore!) and another is a new one I have just started and I am super excited about.  I also roughed out outlines for two other extremely promising ideas.  I feel quite fertile, speaking in the literal sense.  The MUSE is back, baby!


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