Thursday, April 7, 2011


I have learned something recently.  I have learned that bloggers are super friendly.  And that all they want to do is read your book!  I have been tentatively dipping my toe in the blogosphere (did I even spell that correctly?), joining some other blogging groups and trying to make some friends in the blogger world.  I feel a little bit like that little girl approaching the well-established circle of girls on the playground, not knowing if I'll be accepted or not, but taking a deep breath anyway, and tapping the shoulders of one of them and saying, "Hello, can I come in and play with you guys?"

The amazing thing is moments after being invited into the group, in this case the group is called Book Blogs, no less than four new friends sent me messages welcoming me!  And I don't want to sound like PollyAnna, but each new message made me blush with delight!  New friends!  People who want to play!  Girls who read the same things I write!  Yaaayyy!  Feel like I just found a beautiful pair of purple suede wedge pumps as I rush out of the store, stop and look, and THEY ARE IN MY SIZE!!!!!!  Like a dream come true!  (That actually happened to me one time and I still recount the story to my shoe-loving friends to gasps of "No!" and "Tell me you're not lying")

So, my new epiphany for the day is this:  Bloggers Rule.  Plain and simple.  Bloggers are Rock Stars.  Think on that for a while and I'll see you later.


  1. Samantha - you are so funny!! I felt exactly the same way when I started at book blogs. And I love that our blogs have the same background! Too fun!

  2. I agree, I just joined Book Blogs too and was amazed by the instant welcome from several people, including you! Thanks a bunch, I am now following your blog. : )

  3. To Betty and Dana:
    I am STILL getting welcome comments. I can't believe it. Makes me feel like a princess, I swear. I want to joini a bunch more just to keep feeling this way!