Wednesday, October 13, 2010

It's All So Insignificant When You Watch the Miners From Chile

I'm at work, not working, because my eyes are filling with tears again.  I have the miner's rescue on live feed and I keep checking in to the action all day.  I am moved beyond words.  The pettiness of stupid phone calls and my own day to day silliness stupefies me as I watch Claudio Acuna, miner #25, embrace his wife and baby daughter for the first time in 70 days after he thought he might never see them again.  And I complained that the kids made a mess with their cereal this morning.

That dear man has black sunglasses on to protect his precious eyes from the light as he has seen nothing but darkness for over two months.  And I complained about waking early.

His wife is jubilant.  He is gently lowered onto a stretcher to be taken to medical and checked over.  He sits up a final time and carefully smoothes a Chilean flag across his legs and body.  Clutching a black and white photo of his little family, he is taken away.  He raises his arm and waves as he goes, victoriously.  And I am so happy for him.  There is no way I can work today.

I think I will go home and hug my kids.

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