Tuesday, October 12, 2010

An Agent is Possibly Interested!

So, there I was just minding my own business on a lazy Sunday when an email popped onto my phone.  I wasn't expecting anything urgent, so I didn't check it right away.  When I finally did, I was blown away. 

The agent that I met at the Southen California Writer's Conference last month (the one that killed us saving for it) the amazing Bree Ogden, emailed me back from my probably way too chatty query for BOTH The Detention Demon and The Ghost and the Guys (yeah, I know, I broke the cardinal rule about querying more than one ms at a time, but I'm telling you, I really felt a connection with her).

Her email was, well, it was really encouraging.  It said she was very interested in my manuscript and would like to see perhaps a partial or a full and apologized for the delay in contacting me.  But, because this is my life and not, say, Lauren Conrad's, there was a catch.  She was out of town for the rest of this month and until mid November judging the SCBWI contest.  :-(

But it went on to promise to get back in contact with me.  I will remain optimistically hopeful.  Plus I can be spitefully grateful that I can say "I told you so" to my husband over the $$ spent on the conference.  Even if it doesn't land me an agent, I think it at least got me a nice contact and maybe even a friend.  And in this industry, who couldn't use a friend?   :-)

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  1. I think Bree Ogden will contact you Sam. She sounds like she's "just up your alley!" You keep that thought in your mind - this might be the chance you are waiting for, and know is on the way!

    Don't you love the rainy day!