Saturday, September 11, 2010

Three things I Love Today

Three things I love today all happen to be electronic.  So sue me.  I do come absolutely unglued when the power goes out.  My husband calmly prowls the house gathering candles and I run around like a maniac trying to find as many hair toys as I can and wondering how many people will recognize me when I have my hair up because I can't use the blow dryer.  Anyway, on to today's list.

1) My hair straightener (no surprise here) because it gives me the hair God was supposed to give me when he (she?) was not overly busy with the Grand Canyon and platypuses (really, God?)

2) My Blackberry, because every time it beeps that I have an incoming email it means someone was thinking of me and I feel it's love.

3) My GPS, because after a lifetime of panicked wrong turns I have a soothing, unflustered voice to count on who will dependably guide me to my destination.  I can blithely drive down the dead end street knowing she will patiently guide me out with her silky, sinewy toned voice:  When possible, make a u-turn.  And obediently, I will.  I love her.

If you're following, tell me the three things you love today.

1 comment:

  1. I'm with you -- I'd rather have electronic thingees for Christmas and birthdays and for no reason than anything else. Keep your cashmere sweaters and earrings and give me an Iphone. My latest thing is an amazing recording device I can attach to my phone for interviews and I don't have to transcribe tapes anymore. I just plug it into my computer and this whole interview comes out on the screen with an abstract video floating around as I type. I'm sure everyone else has been doing this for years but it's new to me.
    And I have a GPS whom I have named Veronica and I love her even though she takes me the long way round sometimes and I keep going my way and she always stays calm and polite as she says, "recalculating". I have noticed a slight edge to her voice when I have contradicted her directions three of four time, but we're friends when I finally get where I'm going.
    And my favorite thing now is making YouTubes with my digital camera to publicize my books. I only have three minutes with my Canon camera, which is really a good thing, because three minutes of my tap dancing, singing and plugging my books is plenty. I get a lot more response to my videos than blogs though- 60,000 hits so far.
    So bring on whatever you've got world of technology -- I'll try anything once.