Monday, September 13, 2010

A New School Year!

I may or may not be alone here, but I welcomed the new school year beginning this morning almost too happily.  To be brutally honest, I was almost as excited as my seven year old that it was finally here.  We live in California and we feel here that we have been robbed of our summer.  It never really got blazingly warm and because of this, the vacation seemed too cool, and too long, almost.  I'm sure my son would never admit this out loud, but I would be quick to remind him of the bazillion times I responded to "Mom, I'm bored."

With the new school year comes a new bedtime, a whole 1/2 hour earlier, which translates to more time for me to write.  Since nights are my prime writing time, an extra hour is like manna from the Gods. I hope to make excellent use of the gift.  I actually wrote a short story, almost in the flash fiction category I often read about in the contest promotions.  A first!

I wonder about entering contests.  I might start trying my hand at a few of them.  Some of the entry fees aren't that bad, some are even free, and even making honorable mention would be a nice cred to tout in a letter to an agent.  I'll let you know here if I decide to make a go of it. 

Gotta go soon.  Monday night is a GREAT night on t.v.  Shows I am lovin' right now:  Weeds followed by The Big C on Showtime.  Laura Linney is effervescent!  Make sure you try and catch it.  Later!

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