Friday, September 10, 2010

Making New Friends In the Paranormal World

I am happy to report today that this newbie blogger/writer/traipser through this crazy world called Trying-To-Get-My-Novels-Published is finding friends in like circumstances.  Not that I didn't think I would.  Just that I didn't think I would this fast.  And they are in the paranormal world like me!  Woo-hoo!  And better still, we are all just as done with vampires as the other.  Best news I've heard all day.

I was listening to the radio the other day and I heard that there is going to be YET ANOTHER INSTALLMENT of the beat-it-to-death Twilight saga.  Now they aim to expand the role of the Bree Tanner character.  And apparently they are looking for an actress with more 'star power' than the one who already had the role in "Eclipse".  So that one gets assed out I guess.  All I could think is how bad that must suck for the actress who already played the role.  And one millisecond later I awas thinking how sick to death of the whole saga I really am.  Seriously, Stephenie?  Can you write anything else?  Please?  Just asking.

Ok, more exciting news is I got a new computer.  I am writing on my brand new Toshiba laptop.  Not a netbook.  Went to check those out and damn!  Are they tiny or what?  Felt like I had gigantic hands.  Made me feel like a Seinfeld character with man hands.  Would. Not. Do.  So I got the big sister version, not a 10 inch screen, a 14 inch one.  She is so cute I could scream.  I just know an amazing manuscript is embedded in these keys, just like the broadband is.
So, stay tuned.  And soon, when anyone else is actually reading this, tell me about yours.  Good night.


  1. So true about the Twilight series. It's beyond played out and in my opinion not very good. I really dislike that series!!

  2. Hi Samantha

    I loved the Twilight books, the last one I thought was brilliant, but they didn't translate well to film. Poor casting was the first mistake. Heaps of fans love the actors though, so who am I to say.

    The problem is that the whole Twilight marketing machine has flogged the story to death. This is not Stephanie's fault and it's unfortunate that there seems to be a negative spin off against the books. The books are still good, all those fans aren't wrong - Sheesh, don't knock those who buy books - but the hype has a lot to answer for.

    I got sick of Vampires because of the spin offs, the copycat books, the shelves full of vampire stories. Stephanie herself said recently, that she was sick of Vampires, but she has fans who want more, hence the life of Bree Tanner. When you're famous, will you ignore your fans?

    The Host proves she can write. It's brilliant and not a vampire in sight.

  3. Hey Publishersearch,
    I forgot about The Host. I will give it a try. And if I was famous I would likely give the fans what they want too. I stand corrected. Thanks for commenting. Come back again.