Tuesday, September 21, 2010

New Query is Out In The World!

As of today I have sent out six new queries for my third novel, The Ghost and the Guys.  I'm not sure about the title but I am sure that this novel is written so much differently from my first.  It's shorter and therefore I feel that it is tighter.  I know 35k words might seem lacking in some respects, but I read a query letter to Kristin Nelson with less words.  The tightness and general flow of my story led me to a logical conclusion.  If I stuffed more words in there for the sake only of the word count, I wouldn't be true to the story.

I chose my first six agents very carefully.  For one thing, I have something in common with all of them; a love of a certain band or artist, where they have lived or were educated, something that made them special to me.  I read on Nicholas Spark's site he did the same thing.  He chose agents based on personal reasons.  I made sure they represent my genre, however, the Young Adult and Middle Grade market.  Further, they all respond in a super reasonable period of time.  Some in less than a week.  That would be good since the conference is looming and I want to stump for The Ghost and the Guys while I'm there.  I'll take Spellbound, since it is like my firstborn, but "Ghost" is where I hope to get my break.

So, I'll sign off and hope to hear from the agents soon.  I'm perfectly ready to send off six fulls if requested! (cue dream sequence). 

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