Thursday, September 23, 2010

Preparing for the Writer's Conference!

Okay, I've printed all my manuscripts, worked on my query letters, I've even laid out the outfit I plan to wear.  Why am I so excited?  Duh!  The Southern California Writer's Conference is finally here; first day is tomorrow.  I have the day off from work (with my boss's blessing) I'll get the kids to school and take off for the big event.

I don't have my head in the clouds, either.  Pragmatism and realistic expectations are the catch words for the day.  I DON'T expect to meet the agent of my dreams and have him or her drop dead at my feet over my projects.  I also DON"T expect to have my writing career unfold before my eyes with just an attendance at a conference.  I think I'm being totally realistic with the following take-aways I want to have:

  • I hope to meet other writers in the same circumstance as me, writing,    looking for an agent, not yet published, but ever hopeful.

  • I hope at least to make the acquaintance of some agents and additionally hope to leave them with a remembrance of me, having made a great first impression.

  • I hope to learn more about the craft of writing than I thought imaginable.

See?  Completely realistic.

Another exciting thing today: Chuck Sambuchino has announced a new contest on his I-Can't-Live-Without-It blog: called the Sixth Annual "Dear Lucky Agent Contest" and the genre is soooo in my kitchen: paranormal romance and urban fantasy:  Hello!  That is my middle name.  I am going to submit right away, and you should too!

My next posts will be about the conference.  And even though I am remaining so maturely realistic and all, it won't kill me if you cross your fingers or light a candle or say a prayer for me.  I'll do the same for you.  Here we go!


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  2. I totally did that. Lay out outfits the night before. Though I ended up just grabbing whatever I could find in that bleary state right after you wake up.

    It was awsome meeting you! Keep in touch I would like to read yuor work and whatnot.

    Ha, figured out it doesn't say my name lol.


  3. Brianna,

    It was great meeting you too! Dying to read the reast of your ms ( and the rewrites you are no doubt doing...what do you think I'm doing up at this hour too? :-) same thing!) Keep reading the blog, too.