Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Lunch with Lovers with Lindsay Downs

Hey all!  In another installment of my feature, Lunch with Lovers, I am thrilled to have on the bloggy today, Regency and Mystery Author Lindsay Downs.  A wonderful friend and prolific writer, Lindsay had a chance to chat with two characters from the recently released The Masked Lady and the Murder (A Markson Regency Mystery) at a recent time-traveling sit-down.  What? You'll understand soon.  *grin*  Enjoy!

Character interview for Samantha Combs

     Samantha, thank you for allowing me to stop by with an interview I’ve had with one of my characters. I’d planned on talking with Jessica Sales but unfortunately she’s currently in a hospital in southern France in critical condition.

     So, with her unavailable I queried Lord and Lady Markson if I might impose on their valuable time. The only problem, well for me at least, is I’ve got to travel back in time to 1814 London. As an author of regency romantic mysteries nothing’s impossible, I hope. If you’ll give me a few minute I need to change into appropriate attire so I may call on the Viscount and Viscountess of Hampshire.

     Now properly dressed in a deep blue jacket over a cream coloured linen shirt with a cravat tied to perfection I felt ready. My valet had also suggested buckskin britches tucked into polished well-worn riding boots to set the proper image of a country gentleman to which I agreed. Then again, as a regency author I knew what to wear but this was the first time I had to dress the part.

     With a deep, calming breath I climbed the marble stairs leading to the most impressive polished oak door I’d ever seen, let alone written. With a kid gloved hand I raised the solid brass knocker and let it fall against its plate and waited. Within moments an elderly, but familiar man swung the door open.

“Bing, is it. I’m Mr. Lindsay Downs. I’ve an appointment with Lord and Lady Markson.”

“Yes, please come in,” he said as I watched him swing to door wide and step aside so I can enter.
With a nod I stepped into the massive marble floored entranceway.

“Sir, as I was informed you’re interrogating them as what how they solved the murders of the late viscount and Lord Markson’s older brother.”

“Yes. As I understand it there were several interesting events which happened during the investigation and wish my readers to learn more about them,” I replied, handing over my gloves and great coat, for London can be a bit chilly in late fall.

“Sir, won’t your reader learn about them by reading the book, The Masked Lady and The Murder.
Don’t you think they’d like to learn more about what you didn’t write, meaning no disrespect.”

Mid-stride I halted, pondering his words only to realize he might be correct.

“Bing, if I understand you correctly you’re suggesting I speak with you, Evan, Mrs Stoneworth and Amanda.”

“Yes sir. For example, do you know why Evan showed up in Hyde Park right after m’ lord was shot? Or how Mrs Stoneworth was able to get her sister ensconced as housekeeper in Mr Markson’s house in India. Or how I knew the Well’s butler would aid in protecting m’ lord and m’ lady?”

“And why Evan and Amanda weren’t caught kissing but she did present evidence of such an event when they found Lord and Lady Markson in an embrace before marriage vows were exchanged?”

Stay tuned for more of this interesting and unique interview!

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