Monday, August 26, 2013

WINGSPAN is born...Welcome with me my tenth baby

Most posts here on the bloggy, I try to keep in line with the educational theme of helping the new and aspiring writer.  As the owner of the blog, I am hereby exercising my God given right to brag a bit.

This weekend I finally completed manuscript number 10. Wingspan is born.  This damn manuscript would NOT come out.  I have been struggling over the last five thousand words for way longer than I will ever admit in writing.  I wasn't in a funk; the ending just wouldn't come. And none of my usual tricks for jumpstarting the story machine worked.  I couldn't be philosophical, or patient, or even unemotional about it.  I was just pissed.  Know what finally worked?  I watched several hours of the ID channel.

You know the one, right?  Hour after hour of stories about really depressed and sick people plotting and then carrying out some of the stupidest murder plots in history?  Yep, watched that for a whole day, in my pajamas, eating bomb pops out of the freezer.  And just like that, the end came.  The whole thing was just waiting for those last two thousand words.  I had even desperately edited the damn thing, thinking that might rehydrate the creative juices.  It didn't.  Then, just like that, a slobby day in front of the telly worked!  And I wrote the end, nonstop, until the words stop gushing.  Sometimes it just goes like that.  I have never subscribed to the "write every day" school of thought, preferring only to write when the mood strikes.  The mood just didn't strike till this weekend.

So, I would love to know what you think.  I have no cover art even remotely imagined, but try and just run with it.  Thanks!  Here is the current query:

Chessa Dawning never thought she’d be the kind of girl who’d be on the run.  Or have a boyfriend.  Or grow wings.  Yet, here she was, having left the only home she’s ever known, staying two steps ahead of the men from her scientist father’s genetics company hell-bent on capturing her, and falling for a resourceful ex-criminal with colorful friends. And that was just this week.

Most of the time, Charlotte Lake can’t believe her life.  The reluctant leader of a rebel faction called the Ginger Nation, Charlie’s days are filled with planning surveillance, rescuing detainees, and exposing government conspiracy.  Surrounded by loyal friends and soldiers, she knows she can never reveal the true nature of her quest.  Finding her real father and exacting revenge for the freaky physical deformity he burdened her with is a bigger goal than even her most trusted confidant can know.

When a sudden twist in both their lives brings these two girls together, revelations about their past will make them rethink where they came from, and define their future in ways they never could have imagined.  Not every scientific breakthrough is welcomed.

Please comment here and let me know what thoughts the query provokes and if it entices, intrigues or bores you.  Trust me, ten books in and I can handle the criticism.

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