Thursday, December 20, 2012

Paying It Forward.....More Than Just 26 Times

I have a dear, funny, sweet, DIRECT, friend who lives in Washington.  We have been closerthanthis for more than 10 years and we have never met.  It didn't matter, we never needed to.  She has always been a cheerleader for me, Beta-reads my books before anyone else in the universe, and was my first dedication.  She loves me, respects me, and the feeling is more than mutual.

She wrote a post on her facebook page today and I am moved to re-create it here.  Now, don't get me wrong, we don't always agree.  In fact, we have very different political opinions, religious beliefs and stations in life.  But, above all, we have always mutually respected one another.  Cathi never pulls any punches and her non-nonsense approach to life has gotten me through more than one kick-in-the-gut Life has delivered me. And her post today was no different.  She delivered the message clearly, succinctly, and in her words, with no bullshit.  She's right.  Let's get with the program, people!

Cathi's post from earlier today:

I was hoping I was going to lose track of the days of the week and have December 21 fly by and I wouldn't notice. I even told Kelly at work "Don't tell me when it's Thursday and don't say TGIF. I want the end to come as a big surprise". I mean I really don't believe it but let's admit it, we ALL are kinda thinking in the back of our minds, "What if". 

So, I am going with the Mayan belief that it is a new time, a time of enlightenment. 

A tragedy of enormous proportion occurred last Friday when 20 children were senselessly murdered. The world ended for their families on December 14,2012, not December 21. Those families will never be the same nor will they ever fully recover from the loss. If that does not bring enlightenment to people, then I hold no hope for the human race. Then there is no compassion, love or unity and if that is the case then I really hope that God does push the button and say He's had it with us and we have been a terrible disappointment. So when December 21 comes and goes just like every other day has come and gone, let us use the calendar the way it was intended. Let us become the people we are supposed to be. 

Compassionate, loving, and caring. 

Instead of doing 26 random acts of kindness to honor the fallen at Newtown, lets practice ONE random act EVERYDAY. Buy a burger for the homeless guy sitting in front of the Jack in the Box, it wont cost you a dollar and it could save him from the brink of starvation. Let the old man in the car behind you have the closer parking space. Ask the old woman with the grocery cart full of bags if she'd like help loading her car. HOLD THE DOOR open for the person behind you. THAT is the people we used to be, we really need to come back around to that. And pray, pray very hard that morals, values and God are brought back into our daily lives. 

Merry Christmas everyone

And Merry Christmas to you, my wonderful friend.  My life is enriched with you in it.  

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