Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Ever "Gone Muddin' "? We Can Now Learn How

I have a fabulous, wonderful facebook friend.  A fellow author for my sweet publisher, Astraea Press, she has an upcoming new book, Fried Pickles and the Fuzz, coming to Astraea in January of 2013, in which she introduces us to several new concepts.  One of them, she calls "muddin'"  It's kind of like....well, let me let her tell you about it.  And her new book!

Gone Muddin'.........by Calico Daniels

In many small towns muddin’ is a popular past time for the young’uns. I’ll admit that I have been several times and had a ball J The key to a good muddin’ trip is making sure there is a group with several trucks and at least one with a tow chain or winch. Someone is gonna get stuck J Never fails.

Why in the world would anyone want to you might ask. Well, there is just something very satisfying about slippin’ and slidin’. Jerkin’ the wheel to correct the slide and when you finish…seein’ those trucks COVERED in mud J Silly? Of course. But in small towns where entertainment is hard to find, muddin’ is one of those things that is just pure fun. 

Safe? Well……it carries hazards of its own. Never go muddin’ in a top heavy or jacked up ride. The chances of rollin’ your truck go way up. Muddin’ is really an art that should only be performed in a VERY large pasture where it has already been permitted, the area checked for dangers like fence posts and holes, and the spectators should remain a safe distance from the mud pit J

Aside from that it’s a barrel of monkeys J

Calico Daniels

Fried Pickles and the Fuzz coming January 2013 to Astraea Press 
Big Creek might be a stereotypical small town but even they have drama.
Heather loves her little café, and her best customer is the county Sheriff. She’s been waiting months for him to ask her out…maybe she won’t have to wait much longer.
Bronson feels at home in Big Creek even though he hasn’t been the Sheriff for long. Small towns have their perks and a pretty café owner who cooks like an angel certainly doesn’t hurt. Now, if he could only get over his nerves and drum up the gumption to ask her out.
Throw in a gossip mill, a redneck festival and an ill timed attempt to help and you end up with some laughs, some ruffled feathers and a town that is….Redneck Fabulous.

Look for this kitschy and whimsical new offering from Calico in less than a month!


  1. I went mudding once and got knocked unconcious -- AND broke the passanger window with my head. Hehehe. No one mentioned that I was supposed to keep my head away from the window.

  2. I somehow managed to NOT participate in that particular pastime while growing up in Eastern North Carolina, and just based on Wendy Jo's comment, I'm kinda glad now. o_O