Friday, November 30, 2012

New Tips and Tricks - or - How There is Power in Numbers

I am FB friends with a wonderful person who has figured out the mystery of Amazon and reviews. And unlike everyone else lately, she is doing it with much integrity and not a scrap of deception.  Her concept is simple: make ebooks available to people who will actually read them, then post their opinions, fabulous or not, on the Amazon site, as well as others.  So brilliant you might wonder why no one else thought of it.  I know why.  Because Wanda Hartzenberg, the architect of this brilliance, is something many are not.  

She is selfless.  

She does this because she genuinely loves books, loves reading, and loves the indie author.  We are blessed to know her.  Please, read on and find out more about her alarmingly simple program and facebook page.

How There is Power in Numbers - by Wanda Hartzenberg of WaAR (Wanda's Amazing Amazon Reviewers)

So the ever popular and brilliant writer Samantha Combs asked me to do a blog post.  The topic she asked about was relatively simple.  She asked why did I start WaAr or Wanda's amazing Amazon review group and in general, why did I start assisting Indie authors.
My reply, I can't write about that - My motivation for starting everything I had thus far was because I started to befriend some authors and became involved in their daily struggles.  I got the impression that people sit around, waiting for a book to be offered for free, reading it, and then moving onto the next.
Thus, my impression of most people on Facebook was that they were opportunist.  I can't write about that, can I? As it turns out, I can. 
See this is how it started, step by step, breath by breath I first saw the one side of an Indie Author life.  As an Indie you spend mass amount of time and effort and money to promote your book in the hopes for A SALE.  A single sale makes these people jump for joy.  Then to build a following and gain reviews these same authors gift the fruit of their labor to readers in the hopes of?..
According to me, very few of these hopes were met.
So I grew upset and made it my mission to change things.
But boy was I wrong.
Soon I saw that this story has another side. 
It became apparent that Amazon has certain specifications regarding the way they will promote authors.  First the author needs 50 reviews on Amazon per Amazon site.  Thus 50 in UK, 50 on .com etc.  That is a lot of reviews.  Then Amazon want 100 likes on that books, Amazon page and a further 50 agreed tags.  This way Amazon will start to promote a book to a wider audience than we can ever reach on Facebook.
                So I figured?.let's see if we can do this?
I started WaAr and it is a smashing success, apart from...
I soon realized that my first impression of readers was wrong.  Or mostly wrong.  It turns out that nobody took the time to educate Indie book readers.  They do not know about Amazon's review policies for books; they do not know the import of an honest review.  Most still do not know about likes and tags, so it came down to educating readers as well as authors.
I was delighted to find that I am wrong.
So what is next for WaAr? we will be branching out to Goodreads to a greater extent than we are currently involved, taking and making WaAr and the authors we support even more known. 
If you are an avid reader who would love to exchange an honest review for a free copy of a book? Then look up Wanda's amazing Amazon reviewers under groups on Facebook and ask to join.  We would love more reviewers. 
You heard the girl:  If you are a reader and want to be a reviewer, Wanda wants you.  Contact her here:
And if you are an author, make sure you tell her THANK YOU!


  1. Great post! I am so glad to be apart of Wanda's group. All of the author's I have met through her are amazing and write incredible books.

  2. Wow, so this is how WaAr began. I'm so glad to be a part of it (:

    1. She showcases some amazing writers, I am just one of that happy bunch. Welcome to the blog, Zed!

  3. Thank you Samantha for interviewing Wanda and allowing her the opportunity to tell her story on your blog. She not only makes a difference in the lives of authors, but also the lives of reviewers as she introduces us to new authors and great new books! I'm a proud member of the WaAr family! :D (Angie Edwards)

    1. It was 100% my pleasure to do so. She does so much for the indie author, I wanted to make a big deal of her in my own small way.

  4. WaAr works because Wanda Hartzenberg, Loves books and Loves authors and wants to make a difference in the Indie world. She has found others who have the same love and passion for books and has brought us all together. I for one am so Grateful to have met Wanda here on FB, and had the chance to meet so many wonderful people, Authors and readers alike. I AM PROUD TO BE A WaAr WARRIOR!!!

  5. This is the most amazing group on FB - everything Wanda purports it to be is accurate. But she's left out the heart, the amazing sense of belonging that it gives to indies and reviewers. Wanda is our lynch pin - and the members are indeed amazing!

    1. As an author, not a reviewer, I second that. Everything she does, she does for the simple love of the well-written word and there is just NOTHING wrong with that.

  6. Wanda is the brightest of stars that glow inside out and help light up others, in the most compassionate and amazing ways. I bless the day I connected with her and her wonderful group of great people.

    1. Hi Paulette, I am intrigued by your name. Please friend me on fb, I'd love to connect with you. Welcome to the blog!