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My Tips Theme Continues; Liz DeJesus Style: What to Take to Your Book Signing

My super Musaling author friend, Liz DeJesus wrote a fabulous post about the above topic, so of course, I hijacked it!  LOL...Liz gave me permission to share her vital information with my blogosphere.

Even if you think you are far from a book signing, trust me, if you dream it, it will come.  My first is upcoming and I found each and every one of Liz's tips priceless.  At the end of the blog, thank her, comment, and check out her books.  That's the best way to show gratitude to an indie author.  Now, enjoy the tips!

What to Take to Your Book Signing  by Liz DeJesus

·        Nov. 26th, 2012 at 11:36 AM

Recently went to B & N and there was a lady there having a book signing. I purchased a copy of her book because I support indie authors. But I was surprised at how completely bare her table was. No business cards. No handouts. Nothing...just her book. I can understand if she couldn't afford any of it but how are people supposed to check out her book and her other books if they don't have something to take home and at least remind them of their visit?

So in preparation of my own book signing on December 8th, here's a short list of everything I'm going to bring to Between Books.

 Business cards. Seriously, this is a basic necessity, you can go to and get 250 of them for $10. I look at it as 250 potential book sales. Sure, someone can easily toss it in the trash the moment they walk out of the store but there's that tiny chance that someone might turn around and buy a copy of your book.

 Handouts. The last time I had a book signing I designed a really nice looking pamphlet with an excerpt of The Jackets. That actually worked for me. It gave people a moment to stop at my table or even walk around the store to read the excerpt. I had about 3-4 people come back to buy my book from that alone. And since my hubby printed them in color for me at work that didn't cost me anything so I actually made a profit. :D (See? The smartz. I haz them.)

3. The cover of your book on display. Some publishers will send the author a few pieces of cardboard with just the cover of your book. I use them and stick them by the store window and display it on the table.

 Smile. No one will buy your book if you're a big ol' grouch. Smile. Chat with people. Be witty. Be funny. Show your personality. Don't just sit at the table staring off into space.

 Don't write during your book signing. You're not in a zoo. No one wants to see you in your natural habitat or your natural state of being. You're there to sell your book. Don't ignore people.

 Freebies. People love free stuff. If you can afford it have some stickers made with the cover of your book. I went to and I got some really nice ones made.

 Talk up your book. No one knows your book better than you do. When someone asks you what your book is about don't freeze up and please don't start with ''s a like..." If it helps, try and memorize the blurb in the back of the book that way it gives you something to start with. Most people want to know about your writing. How long you've been at it. Is this your first book? Etc. Talk to people. Which is funny considering how most authors are a bunch of introverts and often lack social skills but this is one area you need to work on. Especially if you wanna make it as an author.

 Don't be nervous. People are just people. No one is going to judge you or make fun of you or anything like that. So just relax and have fun.

 Bring a nice pen. Don't bring a large marker, or a crazy colored Sharpie. Whatever pen you use to write with, use that to sign your books. No one wants to see your name signed in neon pink. Black or blue will suffice.

 Have fun. You're probably going to invite friends and family to your book signing. Have fun. Share your love of books and writing with them. 
Hope this helps. I'll be sure to share some pictures from my upcoming book signing. :)

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  1. I did a signing years ago and followed most of those same tips. The only thing I didn't have was the pamphlet. Unfortunately, I only sold 3 books in the two hours

    1. Hi Lindsey! Thanks for reading the blog post. :) Don't worry. I've had signings where I only sold one copy of my book after being there for 3 hours. You win some, you lose some.

      Another thing that another author suggested (which is genius if you ask me) is to have a bowl of candy. Everyone loves candy. ;) I ordered some mini cards from (my new favorite website) and I plan on punching a little hole through it and tying a piece of candy to it. So that way, people get candy and your basic information all at once. :D

    2. Linz, you have come thousands of miles from three years ago to now. A book signing now would be standing room only!

  2. Oh and thank you, Samantha! So happy to see that you shared my blog post. I hope it helps other authors with their book signings. :D

    1. The information was invaluable, Liz. It was an honor and my pleasure to pass it on.

  3. High fives for this post, Liz! A well-done list to memorize for book signings! Kudos and best of luck with all your future books signings!

  4. Great tips! I love your last one about tying mini cards to pieces of candy. I'll have to remember that one!