Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Jumping Genres

I asked my dear, sweet, wonderful FB friend Lindsay Downs to address something I always do, and she just started doing...jumping genres.  I write YA paranormal and adult horror and she used to be faithful to the suspense genre.  Now, she writes, of all things, regency (which is my own idea of horror).  So I asked Lindsay to write me a post about why.  Thanks Lindsay!

Jumping Genres by Lindsay Downs

Most of you know me as an author of contemporary mystery with my Emily Dahill Series from Astraea Press.
Well, it would seem that I’ve dived head first into a totally different genre, one that I had always said I’d never venture into. Read yes. Write no.

Oops, I guess I should never say never as not only do I have one from this genre out but am working on its sequel with at least two more waiting in the wings.
I’m talking about regency. Yes, regency with all its rules and demands on the author to get everything correct.
Now you might ask, why would I, who swore they’d never write one, sit down and create a Top 100, Amazon, book.

I did it for the challenge with no idea if I could even get past the first few pages. However, once I started writing the book it was impossible for me to stop.
The result is a novella, A Christmas Surprise, which has garnered rave reviews and ranks in the top 100 in several regency and historical categories.

One interesting thing you’ll find with this book, I follow the style you’ll find in the Emily Dahill series. In that the heroine is the primary character who resolves the crisis.

A Christmas Surprise

If I hear one more debutante declare that they will never marry unless it is for love, well. I shall break my quill! And we all know what happens when I break my quill. Things become very upsetting and it isn’t long before I--- Well, that is quite another story. Let this author, this matriarch, this paragon of society guide you with her infinite wisdom. It is apparent that many of you have gotten this silly notion of love in your head, most likely from American influence, and please do not get me started on those savages. The point, young dears, is that love, is silly. Take for example Lady Aleece, poor young dear never stood a chance! Can you imagine being mauled in public? By a commoner no less? Although, rumors have been running rampant that this very delicious commoner is in fact the Marquess of Somerset, I have my doubts. For one thing, a Marquess should be more unfortunate looking which is clearly not the case with Somerset. Let this be a lesson dear readers. If you marry for love, there is a very big chance that you will end up with your heart broken, or in that wretched commoners case—kidnapped (though many believe he should have been killed for even breathing the same air as our fair lady). Dear readers, have I taught you nothing this holiday season?—Mrs. Peabody’s Society Papers.

A Christmas Surprise Buy Links
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A Christmas Surprise is currently #20 in Romance-Regency on Amazon.  I wouldn't be "surprised" to see "A Christmas Surprise" makes it to the top 5 by the posting date of this blog!


  1. Really interesting. I started out with Regency and sought out romantic suspense a few years later. It can be difficult because you have a following for your original genre. But as Lindsay notes, you tend to take that voice with you wherever you go!

  2. Thanks for having me here. Yes Vonnie, the voice is following me into regency especially with the sequel Maid To Be a Baroness

  3. Congratulations on the successful "jump" into another genre, Lindsay! It certainly sounds like another great book!