Monday, August 13, 2012

The Kid Interview Series #9 - Kelly Martin is interviewed by two of her babies!

Kelly is a new friend on facebook, and a new author with Astraea Press!  I was introduced primarily through this blog post idea.  And I am so excited how she handled her time in the hot seat!  She got not one, but two of her kids to interview her and their answers reek of honesty and kid-ness.  Her interviewing girls, two years apart at ages 5 and 7, have inspired me yet again.  I wasn't going to have my daughter interview me, since I posted my son already, but....I did!  Please enjoy my new friend, Kelly Martin as interviewed by her lovely girls, and let's get to know her, just like I am.  Welcome to the blog, Kelly!


Katie, age 7, and Chloe, age 5, interview their author mom, Kelly Martin

Q.      Can you name all your Mom’s books? 
       Katie:  no
       Chloe:  I don't know

Q.      Which is your favorite and why? 
       Katie:  I don’t know.
       Chloe:  I don't know

Q.      When does your Mom write?  Where in the house?  Describe her writing area. 
       Katie:  Every day. Right here (in the living room on the laptop) and sometimes in the computer room.
       Chloe:  A lot.  On the computer.

Q.      What are you doing when Mom is writing? 
       Katie:  Watching Mama write.
       Chloe:  I don't know

Q.      If Mom got rich and famous, what would you want her to do with the money? 
       Katie:  Help everyone
       Chloe:  I guess nothing

Q.     Do you read your Mom’s books? 
       Katie:  No
       Chloe:  Nope

Q.      Do you think you do better in school because Mom is a writer? 
       Katie:  Yes
       Chloe:  That's silly

Q.      Do your friends know what your Mom writes?  Do you tell them?
       Katie:  No
       Chloe:  No.  I'll tell them when she makes some money

Q.      Do you want to be a writer when you grow up?  If not, what do you want to be?  
       Katie:  I just write whenever I want too. I want to be a fashion designer when I grow up (and maybe a     writer).
      Chloe:  No.  I want to be a ballerina

Q.    If you could dedicate a book to your Mom, what would you say? 
       Katie:  It would say, “I would save Jesus’ life for    him.” Because that would be very good.
       Chloe:  Mama is good and buy her book!  And my favorite color is pink...and for Halloween I want to be a monarch butterfly because it's so cute!

     Okay, so personally, my favorite answer is a toss-up between telling her friends when Mom makes money and being a butterfly for Halloween.  I may have to steal the idea!
     If you would love to comment on the ridiculous cuteness of this post, please do so here.  Or find Kelly and tell her yourself.  And you heard her daughter...she is good and buy her book!
P.S. Chloe?  I used pink on your name because its my favorite color too!~


  1. These are just about the cutest answers every .... they're just adorable, kelly!

  2. Love it! Sounds like your girls are happy with their mom and busy being little girls. Hope you "make some money" so Chloe will tell her friends!