Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Kid Interview Series #10 - My daughter puts me under the lights!

When my 6 year old daughter heard that her brother did this interview, she got mad.  Like, tantrum-y and mean-faced mad. She demanded to be given the same chance.  If you read this blog with any regularity, you know that of my two children, in nature terms, one is the cool, island breeze, and one is a goddamn typhoon.  Guess which one my dinky diva is?

You will also remember that I credit her with bringing me to the publishing industry, quite unbeknownst to myself.  She wanted a fairy tale and I wrote her one.  Funny thing is, I never intended it to be a novel, much less a series.  She , of course, is the force behind Spellbound, my first published novel.  Cut to two years later and six pubbies, with one in the wings being released by the publisher in 3 weeks.  All due to the mini-me.  So, it was only fitting she got the chance to do this interview.  That, and it was worth peace in the house. *shrug*


Mallory Combs, age 6, interviews her author mom, SAMANTHA COMBS

Q.    Can you name all your Mom’s books? 
Mallory:  Um, Spellbound, Waterdancer….ah, Goosebump….um, ah… did you write down Waterdancer?  Oh, the tattoo one where all the tattoos came alive.  Next question?

Q.    Which is your favorite and why? 
Mallory:  Um, Spellbound.  Mommy, what are they all about?  Tell me and I’ll remember.

Q.    When does your Mom write?  Where in the house?  Describe her writing area. 
Mallory:  Maybe sometimes on Sundays and Saturdays.  Sometimes in the living room and sometimes in the lounge in her room.  Another writing area is kinda in her bedroom, it’s a big room. 

Q.  What are you doing when Mom is writing? 
Mallory:  Watching tv downstairs or playing with my dolls in my dolly house.

Q.    If Mom got rich and famous, what would you want her to do with the money? 
Mallory:  Buy her a fancy house and get a limo!

Q.   Do you read your Mom’s books? 
Mallory:  No.  Because I can’t even read yet *giggles*

Q.    Do you think you do better in school because Mom is a writer? 
Mallory:  Yes.  Why I am good in the school is because Mom makes me artistic and happy to be creative.

Q.  Do your friends know what your Mom writes?  Do you tell them? 
Mallory:  No, they don’t know.  I don’t tell them.  I keep on forgetting to.

Q.    Do you want to be a writer when you grow up?  If not, what do you want to be? 
Mallory:  No.  I want to be a ballerina.  And Momma, I hope you write a book about one named Isabella. *twirls*

Q.   If you could dedicate a book to your Mom, what would you say? 
Mallory:  To my artistic and beautiful Mommy. I love you so much! *runs outside*

Many of you who read this post already know Mallory, and you will know this is totally her!  I write about my family in a limited manner, but they appear in the posts now and again.  Each of them are THRILLED to see their name in print, and dedications on my books to them delight them endlessly.  She will LOVE this post.
And now, for my shameless plug:  I often think the character in my next release, Waterdancer, is the embodiment of how my girl will be when she gets older.  She is a natural waterbaby and loves baths, swimming, and even playing with the hose in the front driveway.  The character's precociousness and blind self-assurance smacks of my baby girl.  Check out the cover and look in the blog headers for the blurb.  And thanks for stopping by!


  1. Cute! Every family needs a diva. Mine is now 28 years old, and a psychologist. That's why I'm hesitating to do this kid interview series with her. If I were to put these questions to her she'd not only answer them, but analyze me while she's at it!

  2. loved this interview. Your daughter's personality really shines through.