Thursday, February 16, 2012

Hey, Have You Met My Amazing Mummy?

February 17th is my Mum’s birthday.  I wanted to celebrate her here, but in an unusual way.  What I decided is that the things I value most from her is her wisdom and life experience.  I have shared on this blog the piece of advice from her I have almost made my mantra, to “Do the Next Thing on the List.”  But she has given me so much guidance and direction in my life, it seems almost unfair not to share it with you.

So, the following words of wisdom, in no particular order, are from the indomitable Paulina Gilbert, my Mum.

1.   Kill them with kindness; if they’re snarky and you respond with sweetness, they’ll l  hear themselves and be ashamed
2.     Always apply moisturizer rubbing in toward the nose, never out toward the ears.  You’ll avoid wrinkles longer
3.     Fabric softener in with towels takes away their absorbency
4.       There is nothing permanent in this world; everything is temporary and can be changed
5.       Doctors don’t know everything; they’re human too and medicine is most days a guessing game
6.       People will judge you by your appearance, fair or not.  Always dress appropriately for the occasion
7.      The state of your shoes will say more about you than you ever will
8.       You don’t have to dress in brand new things, you only have to look clean and bright
9.       If you haven’t worn it in a year, give it away.  Someone else will love it too.
10.   There is nothing wrong with changing your mind.
11.   Brush your teeth every morning.  It make a nice start to the day
12.   Personal-health sick days” are not only okay, they are necessary sometimes.
13.   Actions speak louder than words; don’t tell them, show them.  They’ll remember it forever
14.   Follow your dreams; how do you know that’s not what you were put here to do?
15.   Serving fast food does not make you a bad mother
16.   Nothing will ever take the place of a handwritten thank you note

My whole life, my Mum has been my biggest fan.  She has championed my causes, celebrated my successes, and been there when I needed a friend.  She has been through all my highs and lows and without doubt, she is the most constant thing in my life.  Because of the example she gave me, I am a good wife, a better mother, and a kind, decent, caring person.  All because of my Mum.  For my brother and I, she has always been our sun and our moon, our ying and our yang, the missing piece to any puzzle we have.  So today, my dearest Mummy, I want to tell you how thankful I am for our relationship and how much I love you.  Jason and I want you to have the happiest birthday ever!

Thanks for letting me share a little of my Mum with you.  Now (spoken in thick Bronx accent), “cahll ya mutha” and tell her how much you love her too!


  1. Your mum sounds very special indeed. I hope she gets to read this post.

  2. Paulina is indeed amazing. Thanks for sharing, and I hope this birthday is the best!

  3. Love,love,love, number seven! Mum has certainly got a deep-seated understanding! God love her! Happy Birthday!

  4. It's great to read something so wonderfully positive! Your mum should be delighted.

  5. Thank you. My mother isn't here to see my first book published, but she never failed to tell me how proud she was of me. It's wonderful to hear a young person praise her/his mother.

  6. Lovely, I wish my mother and I had had that type of relationship but hold it..where is 17? "if you absolutely love those shoes and they are the wrong size, buy them anyway". I have been waiting a number of years to meet this extraordinary woman. I think next time I go home I may just ring her up instead of waiting for an introduction. :)