Saturday, February 25, 2012

Announcing a Freebie!

Hey all, I'm announcing a bit of a giveaway! You have really embraced the new book in the Spellbound series, Everspell, and it seems you loved getting the other new one, Teeth and Talons, A Horror Anthology, for FREE.  So, in an effort to keep the great momentum going.......I have a great offer for you: Anyone who buys both Spellbound and Everspell and sends me their proof....I will gift them with a copy of Ghostly! Get it while its hot , or until I remember to change the deal! Remember: Buy two, get one free! For the unbelievably reasonable price of $5.98 you'll get all three!

You may know Spellbound and even Everspell, but Ghostly, which is my second book, is a pretty good read too.  Shorter than most novels, I have been told that this YA paranormal about a ghost hottie, a young teen girl and her super-close friends, reads quickly and is a fun, kicky book.  Check out some of the review, if you are still on the fence, on the Ghostly by Samantha Combs fan page:

You'll see more than 10 reviews if you need convincing.  I hope you don't.  

Please enjoy ANY book of mine you read. And thanks for being a fan!

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