Monday, August 22, 2011

Please Read A New Review For Spellbound

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Spellbound by Samantha Combs
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Aug 22, 11

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Read in August, 2011

I was pulled into this amazing magical world on the first page. Samantha Combs has written an amazing book that has you feeling and experiencing everything right along with each character. It has everything a great book should action, a love story, great plot, oh and let’s not forget witches, twitches(young witch),warlocks, demons, trolls, and attack rose bushes which I loved. This book is for all ages from young adult to adult.

Spellbound is an amazing and magical page turner that will not let you put it down until the rides over. Even than you will be left wanting more. I can not wait for the sequel


  1. This is beyond words awesome Samantha. I am so happy to hear such news. It must be an awesome thing to have you talent validated in this way.

  2. Thanks Wendy! Each time I get a new review, it IS a validation. Stay tuned because I am going to reveal exactly how much of one when I begin my Path to Publication series of guest posts from some great up and coming authors and I will start with my own true, and sometimes hard to admit story/journey myself. Hope you enjoy it!