Saturday, June 11, 2011

Release is Around the Corner...I Might Throw Up

Today is Saturday.  I did the invite thing on Facebook for the release on Tuesday, which is a scant 4 days away.  I'm not kidding.  I might throw up.  Not even virtually, either.  Spectacularly, and all over the living room.  I realize this is only a virtual release and this does not bode well if there is ever a real, live one, as my husband helpfully (NOT!) keeps saying (can't he shut up already and take the kids for a drive or something?), but my stomach is quite flip-floppy.

I wonder if other authors have this same feeling in the days before their releases?  When I did the online invite thing, of course, I screwed it up.  First go through had it timed from 12am to 2am in the morning.  What?  I know, right?  So, I figured out how to change it and made it start at 7am.  Again, not thinking.  I have kids and that's a school day.  I am still ripping through the house and slinging Cheerios around at 7am, for God's way can I be on the computer at 7am.  What was I thinking?  Clearly, I wasn't.  So, final time range has it at 9am till 1130pm.  *Sigh*  Better.  And....breathe.  Good.

Today I also ordered the bookmarks.  Got some great advice from my new friends, fellow authors who turned me on to a great site called Next Day  Got a great deal of 1000 for under $56.  I hope I am this enthusiastic when I pick them up.  Yeah, isn't it great?  They are located right here in LA, barely 20 minutes from my house.  Saved myself $14 bucks in shipping.

I noticed I have a couple new followers, too.  Neat!  I still have no idea what I am doing on Facebook, but I will admit I am meeting some super neat people, authors mostly.  I love that aspect of it.  So, join me, my new friends, won't you, for my nerve-wracking countdown till the launch.  Ready?  Here we go!

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