Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Official Release Date!

I have communicated with my publisher and understand that SPELLBOUND is now in the final line edits and is about to go to the proof reader.  The final release date is still slated to be next Tuesday, June 14th.  Even though this is a virtual release date, in that I am not physically appearing anywhere, and my invitations are going out on FaceBook, I must confess, I am actually begin to feel nervous!

All mt energies have gone into the writing, then the editing, now the preparation of the book.  As I prepare the virtual invitation list to go out, and several of the invites will go to reviewers, the realization comes to me that not only will people READ the book, they will also REVIEW it.  My fellow author, Monique O'Connor James' book, THE KEEPERS, has already received four reviews on Amazon (so, one of them was mine, whatever, move on) and I understand, maybe finally, that people will do that about my book.  So, the fear and a tiny bit on self-doubt creeps in.

It's the same doubt that I allowed to creep in when I received rejections from agents.  Even the ones who didn't send the boilerplate rejection letters and spent time sending me some specific, personalized letters that really gave me some unbelievable critiques.  I read on an agent's blog one time that when you begin to consistently receive personalized no thank you's, you know you are getting close to being accepted, that you can know you are a good writer.  Thing is, it doesn't lessen the sting of NO any more, though.

I'll never forget the feeling when I received the offer from Astraea Press.  I had to read the email more than twice because I was so used to reading the decline letter, I would just skim them and pick out the pertinent words.  Skim, skim, skim and there it is, thanks but not our kind, dear.

So, my wonderful new publisher, the savvy and supportive Stephanie Taylor, is releasing my debut novel, SPELLBOUND, Tuesday, June 14th, initially as an e-book and then on Amazon and Smashbooks as a paperback and hardcover.  And from a writer, an author is born.  Look for your invitation, it will be coming soon!

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