Saturday, November 20, 2010

Back to The World of the Living!

I am back!  I was sick for so long I was beginning to think this was how my life was going to be.  And just when I thought I was over it, the larygngitis came on.  My kids loved it...there was no way I could yell at them to clean their rooms or pick up after themselves and somehow pointing strenuously in the direction of the stairs just didn't carry the same weight.  As for work?  Fuhgeddaboudit!  Working as I do mostly on the phone it was just an excercise in futility.

But I do have good news.  I am trying to remain nonchalant about it but I am so excited I might scream.  I received an email, just today as a matter of fact, from the killer agent I met at the Southern California Writer's conference I attended a couple months ago, Brianne Ogden from Martin Literary Management.  She had previously told me she wanted to get back in touch with me in November as she had another conference in October and the first part of November and would be tied up.  I hadn't heard anything and was wondering if she forgot about me and maybe that was a polite blow-off when the email came today!!!! Cue the heavenly orchestra!!  It was NOT a blow-off after all.

She said in the email she would love to see The Ghost and the Guy if it already wasn't with an agent.  Already with an agent?  Are you kidding me??  I was TOTALLY WAITING FOR HER????  She is at the top of my "A" list!  I am going to work on the manuscript all day tomorrow and make it SING and them drop it in the mail firs thing Monday morning.  Hopefully, I'll beat the holiday mail freezeup for Thanksgiving.

And we shall see what happens.  I love the story.  I hope she does too.  Stay tuned my good friends, stay tuned.

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