Thursday, September 30, 2010

Can ANYONE But Me Get A Publishing Gig?

Ok, while I know that is not entirely true, I nearly threw up my lunch today reading a little tidbit on Wonderwall (an admission I loathe to make, but hey, I was bored and I brought my lunch from home today.  What-ev.) 

So, there I was, with my nectarine and plum, happily dripping juice down my chin (there is no lady-like way to eat fruit, trust me on this) and reading my daily dose of entertainment noise when there it was.  Snooki has a friggin' book deal!  With Simon and Schuster, no less!  I actually gagged.

Apparently she intends to write a beach tome entitled "A Shore Thing".  Oh, sorry.  That sound you heard was me throwing up a little in my mouth.  

I guess this literary masterpiece will be about a plucky, yet determined gal happily working her way down every rod on the shoreline in her singleminded dream to be the biggest slut on reality tv this side of the Mason-Dixon line.  No?  Oh, that's already being done?  Oh, I have heard of the Real Housewives of Atlanta.  Sorry.  Oh, they have a book deal too?  Of course they do.  How silly of me.  **Sigh**  And that sound you heard was me realizing that even as I hate her I am about as jealous of her as I can be.  She figured out a way in.  Good for her.

Maybe there's a book in this somewhere....hmmm?

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