Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Wingspan Spreads it's Wings

As of this moment, Wingspan is now available on Amazon and Smashwords, so far.  I am pretty stoked.  I have some reviews already done and I'm looking forward them to be posted.  Please take a gander at the sneak-peak at the book.  I'll post one every couple days until you can't stand it anymore and simply HAVE to get the book.  Thats how it works, at least in my mind.  And and one other thing.....thanks for continuing to support this grateful independent author.


Sneak Peak:

Chessa refused to meet his gaze.  Maybe if she kept her face straight, Ryan wouldn’t see the flush creeping its way across her skin.  “Shouldn’t you keep your eyes on the road?”
Ryan chuckled.  “Wow.  Not used to compliments is my guess.  What?  Never had a boyfriend before?”
“I’ve had my share.”
“Is that so?  You ask me, I’d have guessed never.”
“Whatever.  You don’t know anything about me.”
“Whoa.  I know more about you than most.  I know about your wings-and-things there, don’t I?”
“So what?  I have no idea what possessed my Dad to let you take me anywhere.”
“Hell, I can drop you anywhere you like.  This is a favor I’m doing you.  But, you just say the word and I’ll take this truck to the shoulder and offload you quicker than a longshoreman.”
“Fine.”  Take me to the nearest bus station.”
Ryan spread his arms wide.  “In case you hadn’t noticed, we’re not exactly in the big city anymore, girl.  There’s no bus station within 300 miles of here.”
Chessa glanced out the window.  She had been so involved in their conversation, she had not noticed that they had left the city limits long ago.
“Where are we?”
Ryan drummed the steering wheel.  “We’re on the way to Shan-gri-la, baby.  Just like Daddy Dearest requested.  Why?  Still want that bus station detour?”
Chessa settled back into the seat.  Might as well just get to the cabin and make some more plans once there.  She sighed.  “No.  Let’s just get to the cabin.”  She checked the speedometer.  “Think you can do that without killing us?”

“That’s my specialty.”

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