Monday, September 23, 2013

The Writer's Alphabet - E is for Editing

E is for Editing

I have written ad nauseum about the importance of editing.  You don't leave your house without that final look in the mirror, do you?  Same thing with your book. Except, the final look isn't just once. Its about a thousand times.  Liken it, if you will, to a diamond.  When they find that gem in the mine, it isn't glistening brightly, and perfectly pear-shaped just waiting to be popped onto that dazzling ring display.  Rather, the diamond starts its life as a rock.  It is only the constant buffing, and precision shaping and defining that really lets it shine.

Your precious story is just like that.  Without the editing, it would still be that rock.  Truckloads of potential, but nothing without the polisher.  Your editor is your polisher.  He or she has a wealth of experience and knows the industry, which changes all the time, so that is no small feat.  Let them guide you.  And before you know it, your little gem will become the diamond it was always destined to be.

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