Monday, June 24, 2013

Ten Things You SHOULD Do To Promote Your New Book; (and one you should at least consider)

I was inspired to write this particular blog based on a desperate post I noticed in my news feed.  In it, a person is asking for help for a book that is about to come out, because they have no idea what to do.  I can answer that.  I know that there are several ways to "launch" or promote your new book, some I am likely NOT EVEN AWARE OF, but I am just telling you what I do.  The ideas are certainly not new, but they have worked for me.

As soon as my editing is completed, I start sprinkling little teasers on my facebook page, and,
already connected, my twitter and LinkedIn accounts.  If you don't know what any of those are,
for God's sake, Google them!
I start with an action- or tension-laced scene that might pique the reader's interest.  I post a short paragraph as an excerpt to give a hint about the plot, or to introduce the reader to the character. I do this in the weeks leading up to the release.

Same with my cover.  When it is approved by the publisher, I release the cover again to my facebook, my Twitter and my LinkedIn.  I also pin the covers to Pinterest and add the information on my google account.

As soon as the ARC (Advance Reader's Copy) is ready from my publisher , I start contacting reviewers.  Since I have published nine times, I have a huge list of reviewers who I know enjoy the genres I write.  Additionally, my publishers also send copies out to reviewers on their lists.  If I do it right, I should be receiving reviews before the book is even released.

I organize a book launch party with giveaways on my facebook page.  The giveaway is important because Facebook is so drenched with launch parties, I need to do something to make mine worth attending.  Random drawings every couple hours keep the interest up.

I contact my Writer's Group (in my case, the CBW-LA) and they are always generous in their
announcements on my behalf. They will tout a new release or help me to get the word out about a book signing or author event I am attending.

I email my friends, my followers, and my fans and tell them about my new release.  But, I caution that this email list is derived of people who have enjoyed my books in the past, previously provided their email address to me, or are related to me and therefore bound by blood to support me. I never do email blasts to people I don't know.  That may work with some, but I hate receiving them, so I think that maybe others do too.

I am part of several Yahoo groups developed by my publishers where I announce release information.  Most of these chat groups run on a daily basis and as a working mom and author, I don't always have the time to stop in and idle away the time.  But I have amazing friends on there, and we have often agreed to cross-promote one another.  So look for authors in your same boat: new, with a new product to promote.

I make an announcement on Goodreads, and perhaps even do a giveaway.  Now, at this point, Goodreads will only do a giveaway with a print book, but the site is
still critical for a new author.  I link all my blog posts there, and am always happy when commentors come to me from there.

Regarding your blog (and I hope you have one!), I make sure to put the new release information, blurb, cover, and excerpt, on there as soon as available.  I include buy links when those are created.  And I make sure that there is an "opt-In" window where your followers can enter their email address.  Each time I get a new one, I add them to my email list for new releases.

I write a blog post about my release and contact other blogs I know, of reviewers, authors, and even some editors, and ask them if I can schedule a release notice and spotlight.  Eight out of ten times, the blog owner is happy to accommodate and I always offer to return the favor when they have a new release coming.

I hope these help you a little bit.  I learned them over time, and with the help of many amazing new friendships developed on social media.  So, don't forget #11:  Ask Your Author Friends! (hint: I'm one of them!)


  1. You're a very savvy marketeer! Great advice - succinct and practical.

  2. very good advice for both beginners and experienced writers. Thanks for sharing

  3. Awesome advice, Samantha! You're such a marketing mavin! Going to print this info out to help me with my release 'plan'! Cheers!

    1. Best of luck with it, Sharon. And remember I am always happy to feature you here on the bloggy!

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    1. Glad you enjoyed it, Lisa! Thanks for being a follower of the bloggy.

  5. Thanks for posting this Samantha! :D Saving this one to my favorites!

  6. Excellent, Samantha. Thanks for all the info.

    1. You are a pro at this, Sloane. Let me know if I missed a key item.

  7. My website doesn't offer an "opt-in" for the blog, and I've begun to realize what a problem that is. :(

    1. Heather, its been a tremendous way to build up a loyal email "blast list" that I know wont be treated as annoying spam.

  8. I really appreciated this list... Thanks Tracy for forwarding it to me, and thanks Samantha for sharing your insights!

  9. This piece was a tremendous help! You have confirmed I'm on the right path to publication (or close to it!). What a great site ~ so glad I found it.