Saturday, December 29, 2012

Want to Launch a Blog Tour? Have I Got a Deal For You!

My fb friend Megan McDade is the wonderful owner of the Reading Away the Days blog and an avid reader herself.  One other thing she is: the Babe of the Blog Tour!

Megan will organize a blog tour for your book release, get you interviews, guest blogs and the like, and the best part?  She does it all for free!  Because I always want to introduce you, my friends, followers, and fellow authors, to the best services to aide in your quest toward publication and general global takeover, I am so happy Megan wrote a post to tell you all about what she does.

Launching a Blog Megan McDade

Thanks to Samantha for inviting me over!

I am here today to tell you all about my FREE YA blog tours I offer to YA authors from all genres!
I blog at reading and reviewing YA books and in 2011 I organised my first ever blog tour on behalf of author Katie John for her book Immortal Beloved! I really enjoyed organising and putting together the tour that when I was approached by author of The Faerie Ring, Kiki Hamilton to put together a tour for her in December of 2011 I jumped at the chance. With the success of the previous tours I decided to do them regularly and starting in January 2012 the mayhem and excitement of organising blog tours began. I have now decided to make a blog dedicated to just my blog tours called Reading Away The Days Blog Tours.

As I said before my blog tours are FREE!

Here is what I offer:
*A FREE blog tour for any YA Book in any genre whether you are from a small publisher, self published, anything goes!
*I can arrange a tour to last from 5-14 days
*I ask that you can provide reviewers with an ebook to review and if possible be up for interviews, guest posts etc all of which can be limited to just a few.
*Giveaways can be offered only if you want to

By the way, I organised a tour for Samantha herself for Waterdancer and she deemed it a success.
Here is some other praise for my Reading Away The Days Tours:

Being an independent author, I only have so much time to dedicate to marketing and promotion. Megan at Reading Away the Days helped take that pressure off of my hands when she organized and hosted the blog tour for my novel, Family Magic. How fantastic! I hugely recommend her as a host. She made it fun, energetic and found me a collection of wonderful bloggers to help get the word out. I can't say enough to thank her!"
Author of Family Magic, Patti Larsen

"I was very fortunate to have Megan coordinate a UK blog tour for my book, THE FAERIE RING, and she did a FANTASTIC job! Enthusiastic, professional, and an awesome marketer, you couldn’t ask for a better person to be in charge of your blog tour!"
Author of The Faerie Ring, Kiki Hamilton

"Megan's kindess and professionalism made blog touring really easy. She was super-organised and fab at keeping me updated We had great fun and the tour was a super way to meet lots of lovely new bloggers and readers. I can't recommend her highly enough. "
Author of Knight Trilogy, Katie John

"Megan did a fabulous job with my five day blog tour for The Keeper. I had specific requests and she made sure each one was met. I highly recommend Megan!"
Author of The Keeper , Natalie Star

"For authors seeking an excellent book tour organizer, look no further! The charming, lovely Megan at Reading Away the Days is your gal! She arranged an awesome book blog tour for my YA novel, Cicada, and I was very pleased! I got to meet so many wonderful book bloggers and readers, and her blog tours are just plain fun! Not only was the tour well-organized and fun, but I had an increase in book sales during the tour! I'd recommend Megan's book blog tours to any author! You won't be disappointed!" ~ Belle Whittington, Author of Cicada

If you would like to sign up for a tour I am taking bookings for April tours and onwards. All you have to do is head over to the blog and sign up for a tour:

*P.S. If you are a YA blogger, you can sign up to be a tour host!*

Megan McDade - FREE YA blog tours available


  1. Wonderful! I love to hear about authors and bloggers supporting each other. The writing community truly is one of unity. We should take over the world!