Saturday, December 8, 2012

My Favorite Dennis Moore

Our fun blog theme gets it's third taker, author Dennis Moore. An adventure/science-fiction writer, it appears that the writing bug bit Dennis very early in life and his best Christmas memory revolves around his finding that calling a long time ago.  Please enjoy meeting Dennis and the memory he shares with us.  And as always, check out his book at the end of this blog!

My Favorite Dennis Moore, Storyteller

While for me, every childhood Christmas had been and still is memorable, the one that stands out the most in my mind when asked to recall a favorite is the year Santa gave this little ten year old a desk. Now, to be sure, my mom intoned that the desk was more than likely a reminder that I now had no excuse for completing my homework, she knew in her heart that it was my command center for penning (back then the internet was unheard of, and I used a typewriter, or pen and paper – PCs were not here yet either) the Greatest American Novel. 

It was a joy to see the two most favorite events of mine coalesce: Christmas and writing. Here was a physical space that I could call my own, a place private to me, where I could escape reality and enter the worlds I created. I couldn't be happier. From that desk came many of the story concepts that are even now, three decades later, coming to fruition and finding their place in the world. 

Dennis's latest book is "Scattered to the Four Winds, The Adventures of Pullman Brown"  

Inspired by Indiana Jones, Dirk Pitt and other adventurers, Pullman Brown is a character that can be admired by readers of all ages. Join him and his co-pilot, Tony Vincent, as they chase air pirates all around the Caribbean, in a plot that involves the kidnapping of President of the United States. Joining them are a cast of colorful characters that bring the adventure to life.

A great read for kids 8-14 years old, as well as for adults who love a good adventure tale. 68 pages of fun and excitement

You can find it, and his others, at the following locations:


And after you enjoy them, tell Dennis!

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