Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Wise Words from Wicked Editors....Mystical Press tells all!

As an independent author, I am always excited and pleased to be able to showcase authors and other writing professionals like me, in like situations. Then on a blog I follow, Mystical Press, I read the best advice and information on the mystery surrounding the publishing process straight from the horse's mouth....the editors.

I contacted them and let them know I would love to spread their religion. Happily, they are allowing me. Please read on, for a great blog post from the wonderful (and open for questions!) Mystical Press:

5 Secrets to Increase Your Chances of Getting Published 

As authors-turned-editors, we’ve learned a number of truths we wish we’d known when we were authors. Though this article is based on our own experiences as small press editors, many of our colleagues—Big 6 included—wholeheartedly agree with the following points.

However, not many of them are willing to share such information. They vehemently shake their heads and exclaim, “No! Don’t tell an author THAT!” When we ask why, they usually stare at us as if we’re daft. “Just don’t!” (AJ & Arial lean in… “Pssst! We’re going to reveal some of those secrets. Don’t tell anyone or we’ll be in big trouble! Shhh!”)

Secret #1—Editors Are NOT Rich
As authors, we thought all editors were paid via salary. At a minimum, we assumed they were paid a large chunk of money per book when the manuscript was contracted. Then we became editors—GASP! Most editors with publishing houses either get paid royalties—meaning they ONLY get paid IF the book sells—or a small flat fee based on word count. Example: a 30,000-word manuscript x 1¢ per word = $300…but the editor usually spends anywhere from 40-50 hours to put out a quality product. You do the math. We’re talking less than minimum wage. And though we editors may have anywhere from 5-50 authors under our belt, we’re usually only working on 2-5 manuscripts at a time due to our many other duties (See AJ’s article “Waiting For Edits… Tick… Tock…”).

So what’s the big secret that affects you? This is a KEY factor in getting your manuscript contracted and why it’s #1 on the list. The less time an editor spends on a manuscript, the more bang she gets for her buck. Editors are looking for stories that are clean, easy to edit, and worth spending time on. Remember…your job as an author is to learn your craft. Which brings us to the next secret…

Secret #2—They Don’t Call It the Slush Pile for Nothing
MOST of the manuscripts that come across our desks are CRAP! We are not kidding and this was a surprise to us, too. And we’re not just talking about the book. We’re talking query letter to synopsis to finished manuscript.

So how do you seriously stick out amongst the kah-kah and craft something sparkly clean? KNOW YOUR CRAFT! We cannot stress this enough. Never stop studying the craft of writing and find a good critique partner who will be brutally honest with you. And we’ll share two bonus secrets—the two biggest trouble spots in 99% of manuscripts submitted to us are show versus tell and unrealistic characters.

Herein lies the rub: If authors are getting form-letter rejections, how do they know what (or how) to fix their manuscripts? That’s where we come in. We have three classes that will help you overcome the above issues AND you will have one-on-one interaction with an editor to learn what you’re doing wrong—not just in these but in other areas, as well: Show versus Tell (SVT) Class Series, Crafting Believable Characters (CBC) Class Series (coming this fall/winter), and How to Write a WINNING Synopsis Power Class. If you’ve never been published, then this valuable interaction with an editor will shave DECADES off your learning curve. No joke.

Secret #3—We Are NOT Looking for an Excuse to Stop Reading
Several agents seem to give this same advice to authors. “Editors are looking for any excuse to stop reading. Your job is to not give them ANY excuses.” Though we clung to those words as if our life depended on it as authors, we were really offended to hear this as editors. We imagined an editor reading a query letter, getting to the part that didn’t appeal to her and collapsing back in her chair. “Oh thank GOD I can stop reading!” WRONG! Editors are NOT looking for any excuse to stop reading. We are BEGGING to find a good story! (Refer to Secret #2) We’re on your side! We WANT to find characters to fall in love with and worlds we can escape to and storylines that will keep us up all night, wildly flipping pages, dying to know what happens next! We don’t do this job because of the money (refer to Secret #1). We’re editors because we love to read and we love stories. Now…for the next secret you should sit down. This is going to be quite a shock.

Secret #4—Editors are NOT Gods We’ll give you a moment to recover. (AJ and Arial pat your hand empathetically.) You okay now? Good. Editors are human beings just like authors so do not put them on a pedestal.

There are indeed some editors who enjoy the “Deity” status and therefore abuse the power. Yes, we are the gate keepers of your manuscript, but in all honestly there are editors out there who don’t know their tushies from a hole in the ground. We were surprised to find out how many editors—Big 6 or otherwise—really don’t know their job well enough to do it properly and consequently we cringe at some of the stuff we read. And make no mistake—we’re learning more every day, so we’re not perfect either. This is why it’s important to know your craft…so you know what to defend in your manuscript and can have an educated discussion with your editor when she suggests a change you feel is wrong. Authors are not dogs at the table, scrambling for scraps any publisher is willing to throw to the ground…even though that’s what publishing houses might want you to think. Why? If you think you are one of the very few select authors granted a rare audience through the pearly gates of publishing, you will value the tiny royalties you are paid.

Secret #5—You Can Afford to be Picky Do NOT settle for any publisher. Thanks to the digital explosion, the publishing industry is now in the hands of authors and readers. We’re about to reveal a dark secret that will probably get us black listed—but we are authors first, editors last. Because of self-publishing, publishers are losing talent left and right. True dat! Publishers’ release schedules are growing thin. Some editors are being hassled by their bosses for content, content, content! And they’re publishing almost anything. Contracts are getting tougher to get out of because publishers don’t want authors self-publishing their novels. You’re not off the hook, though. Editors are still trying to find the best talent. They still want a good and easy-to-edit story and they’re asking for short projects. Why? Because publishers get paid faster on short edits. Easier to produce and cheaper to sell. This means two things for us authors: 1. Choose publishers who appeal to you the most—beautiful covers, good quality products, and books that are high on the ranking lists with distributors. Do your research! Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble will let you download samples of any book to your eReader. 2. Shorter projects will not only increase your chances of getting published, you’ll be publishing more, thereby getting more stories under your belt. You’re Not Alone

Mystical Press Services primary goal is to help authors bridge the gap between the form-letter rejection and publication. Through our services and classes, we will coach you—one-on-one—through the problem spots in your manuscript. ALL customers receive a FREE consultation on their work and we’ll help you pinpoint what needs improvement. If you visit our site, be sure to tell us this blog article referred you so your hostess will be recognized. Prizes!!! We want your feedback. What surprises, if any, did this article have for you? How do you think knowing this information will change your writing or the way you submit to publishers? Are you motivated to self-publish? Why or why not? Or do you think we’re just full of hooey? Please be honest. We encourage you to share some of your experiences with rejection letters, self-publishing or the publishing industry. OR if you have any questions, ask away! If you leave a comment or question, we’ll enter you in a drawing for a $25 eGift good toward any services or classes at our website. Good luck and thanks for participating!

Editor Bios

Mystical Press is the culmination of two authors and professionally trained editors—Arial Burnz and AJ Nuest—who help authors bridge the gap between the form rejection letter and publication. In fact, we believe in this venture so passionately, our tagline is “Helping authors achieve their dreams.” Come dream with us!


  1. Woo hoo! We're happy to be here, Samantha! Thanks for having us as guests. We'll be available through the week for questions and on Friday we'll do a drawing for a $25 eGift good toward classes and services at MPS. Anyone who comments will be entered in the drawing.

    Thanks and hugs,
    Arial ;)

    1. Arial, it was my pleasure to thank you. I follow your blog and with information with this much value, I don't even feel bad for poaching it! LOL. The more an artist is informed, the more informed decisions she/he will make. Thanks for sharing the keys!

  2. Good Morning, Samantha! What a pleasure it is to be visiting with you today! We're ready to field questions and should be around all day. Let us know if there is anything we can do for you, folks! Happy to help or just exchange war stories if you prefer. :-) Hugs, AJ

    1. Hi AJ. Thanks to the pair of you for allowing me to share your wise words. So many of us enter the ring with no idea what we are doing. I know my readers find this information beyond valuable and you are so appreciated for spilling all the sexy secrets.

  3. GREAT blog. Thanks for all the real info.

    1. Sure thing, Sloane! Sorry I'm so late in responding. Been in edits all day! Whoot! Thanks for stopping by!

  4. What a fabulous post! Thank you for hosting it, Samantha! AJ and Ariel, I'm off to browse your classes, wondering if you offer anything to help copy editors hone the craft as well.

    1. Hi Amanda! You are a girl after my own heart! LOL We haven't posted any classes for editors...content, copy or otherwise...YET. :-) Is it high on our list of things to do, though. Thanks for your comment and for letting us know this is something of interest to you. The more feeback we get, the better able we are to service our clients. Best!

    2. Hi Amanda, glad you go as much from it as I did. Follow along with the blog; I show case indie authors and people in the biz with valuable information. Thanks for being here.

  5. "There are indeed some editors who enjoy the “Deity” status and therefore abuse the power."

    I suffered under a particular editor like that, until I divorced him and his small press. He still believes he is the only one who knows what makes a best seller. :)

    1. Hi Jack! Congratulations on the divorce--and I mean that whole-heartedly. Nothing is worse than suffering under a dictator of an editor. And the analogy is nice because working with an editor is much like being married. There's a deep level of trust, understanding and support that goes into the editor/author relationship...and it's important to search until you've found that special "someone" who understands your work. Glad to hear you're out from under. :-)