Monday, September 3, 2012

Waterdancer Blog Tour

I have never done a blog tour before, but I need to send a shout out to Megan from, who has put together an amazing blog tour for me for the new YA paranormal release Waterdancer, releasing this Friday, Sept., 7th from Musa Publishing.   She even made this far-too-cool  banner, using the same colors of the book cover.

Because I am stupidly new to this, she took me by the hand and walked me through the whole process.  I provided links and interviews and blog posts, oh my!  I just did whatever she asked me to do and I am so surprised by some results.  I have new blog followers, new likers, and, music to an author's ears, reviewers who are enjoying my story.  I have posts and tweets and google-y stuff, too!  Megan just does it all.  

I would be remiss if I didn't thank her specifically, and the other blogs doing a thingy on me as well.  So, here is a list of these wonderful reviewers/bloggers.  Please check them out, and not just for this tour.  I have found each blog to be well-thought out, engaging and entertaining, and best of all, informational.  Once again, I am reminded that were it not for these reviewers and bloggers, us indie authors would be way more indie than we would like.

So, please join me in joining them!

One other thing I want to mention...this blog tour was offered to me for free.  These great bloggers do this for the best reason of all, love of books and a great desire to introduce authors to you that you may not have even heard of.  I can never, ever thank them enough.  But you can do what I have done.  Follow them.  They are worth it.

And if you decide to jump on the blog tour, check it out with this schedule:

Today: Book Excerpt & Giveaway @ my blog & Promo @ this blog
3rd September: Interview @
5th September: Guest Post @
6th September: Casting Couch @
7th September: Character Interview:

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